Facebook Advert Guide – How to Advertise on Facebook Effectively – Advertise on Facebook Business Page

Facebook Advert Guide – How to Advertise on Facebook Effectively – Advertise on Facebook Business Page: What is the Facebook advert guide? 
Talking about the Facebook ads, this is an exceptional platform, but do you know that a lot of small businesses and brand find it so very intimidating? 
Facebook Advert Guide – How to Advertise on Facebook Effectively - Advertise on Facebook Business Page
You don’t have to blame them. I remember the very first time as a beginner when I looked at the power editor; Then I began to wonder what the heck I have gotten myself into. 
I did give up at first. But with the more research, I did, the more I felt overwhelmed by the Facebook platform. 
There were so many options to choose from. I was able to manage to get the hang of it. Now after managing some couple of hundred campaigns on Facebook adverts over the past years, here I am so ready to teach you.
Facebook ads do have a lot of options but once you are familiar with the Facebook platform they don’t seem quite overwhelming. 
In this Facebook advert guide for beginners, I will show you everything you need to know in order to have an incredible first campaign. Why do we really need Facebook advert? 
I tell you that there are a lot of reasons to invest both time and money into Facebook adverts. And all those options that Facebook offer, while overwhelming, also offer immense customization and creative control over your ads.
Facebook ads are as well connected to Instagram ads. You can use them both in a single campaign, connecting you to your desired audience on both platforms. 
Since the biggest goal of the Facebook ads is to put your content in the front of people without you waiting for them to come to find you this is a very creative advantage. 
While some people are worried about the cost of the Facebook ads, you don’t need to worry about it because it’s still very pretty affordable compared to some alternatives, including Google ad words. 
This is particularly very true when your ad campaigns are given a high relevance score. This means Facebook believe your ad is a good fit for your target audience, and they will lower your CPC.
Creating high converting Facebook ads is very difficult as it may sounds. Because many brand and small business prefer Facebook ads manager to the more intricate power editor and I am going to use ads manager to create an ad process for this Facebook advert guide,
How To Use Ads Manager Create an Ad Process for the Facebook Advert Guide
Develop your strategy first; As a beginner, before you get started looking at the Facebook ads manager; you must have some strategy put in place. 
And without this, you absolutely will get confused by all the options and you will end up creating an ad campaign that doesn’t target anyone useful just because you are creating an ad for anyone in particular.
First on each of the campaign that you are going to create you need to ask yourself this
> Who am I targeting?
> How are they going to use the product?
> What is the goal of the campaign?
> Will they be a cold audience or a warm audience?
> What product or service am I specifically promoting?
When you don’t have a strategy with a goal of what you want to accomplish you can’t be able to create strong ads. So you must develop your game plan first.
> Choose your objective.
> Target your audience.
> Then choose where you wanted your ad to be displayed.
> Set your budget.
> Choose your ad format.
> Don’t forget the details.
> Monitor your ads carefully.
How to Create a Facebook Business Page
To set up a Facebook page for your business is very simple, and all you just have to do is to simply follow this step below.

> First, sign up to Facebook.
> Go to the facebook.com/business and click create a page at the top right-hand corner. You will be greeted with several business type options including local business or place, brand or product, and cause or community.
> The select the type of business you are creating the Facebook page for
> If your business type falls into more than one of the category options, then choose the one your customers are most likely to think of when they think about your business.
> When you click on the business type, a box will be open to you asking for a few further details, like the name of your business, your address, and your page category.
> Add pictures
> Explore your new page
> Then create your username
> And complete your about section
> Create your first post
> And then start to engage
How to Advertise on Facebook Business Page
Do you want to know how you can advertise your business on your Facebook business page? to advertise your product on Facebook business page is very easy.

> For you to promote your page, when you go to your Facebook page, the first ad opportunity that you will see is to promote your page in the left sidebar where you see the number of like your page has
> Boost post
> Promote website
> Choose your objective log into Facebook ads manager and select the campaigns tab, then create to get started with the new Facebook ad campaign
> Name your campaign
> Then set up your ad account
> Now target your audience
> And choose your Facebook ad placements
> Set your budget and schedule
> And create your ad
These are the simple ways that you can promote your business on Facebook. If you carry out the step and you still want to know more, then all you just have to do is to stay on this platform.
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