My Access To Facebook Marketplace Have Been Removed – What Can I Do?

My Access To Facebook Marketplace Have Been Removed: Do you have a Facebook marketplace but can’t access it anymore?

Is your Facebook marketplace no more available and you’re wondering what to do to recover it? 

Here is an authentic guide that provides all you need to know and do if you can’t access your marketplace on facebook.
Where is the marketplace on facebook? 

The marketplace icon on facebook can be accessed on the Facebook official website via

However, you can use this link: to figure out if you’re eligible to access the social media marketing platform.

Please bear it at the back of your mind that if the above link doesn’t work that the facebook marketplace is not available for you at the moment.
Interestingly, in this article, you’ll be provided with the comprehensive guide on all you have to do if perhaps, you can’t locate your marketplace on facebook.

Wondering why you don’t have facebook marketplace?
Well, the reason is that the Facebook social media platform feature, the marketplace is not available to every Facebook user at the moment.

However, according to the facebook help center, the feature will be made available to all its users after the necessary updates and improvements they are currently running on the feature are done with.

In their own words, I quote: “Because we’re still actively developing and improving Marketplace, we’re opening up access to Marketplace slowly. This means that Marketplace isn’t available to everyone right now.”

Having outlined that, let’s quickly consider what makes a facebook user eligible for the marketplace feature.

Interestingly, before you can use the facebook marketplace, there are certain criteria you need to meet.

In other words, there are requirements you must satisfy before you can be deemed fit to access the facebook marketplace and use it to buy or sell on the giant social media platform.

Fortunately, we’ll make one of them available to you. Continue reading…

What Qualifies You For Facebook Marketplace?
Where is the marketplace on facebook?” It is a question every facebook user who wants to sell on FB always asks if they can’t find the button on their newsfeed.

Obviously, every facebook user who is a marketer or who owns an ecommerce business would want to have access to the marketplace.

Well, to use the marketplace on facebook:

1. You must update your facebook app to the latest version. The reason is that the facebook marketplace is not available on the old version.

According to the facebook help center, marketplace isn’t available on older versions of the Facebook app, or on iPhones models older than the iPhone 5.

2. You must be or older than 18yrs of age to be able to access the facebook marketplace.

3. You must not be new to facebook. In other words, to be eligible to access marketplace on facebook, you might have been on facebook for some period of time.

Note here that if you’re new to facebook and can’t access the marketplace, you can utilize the facebook buy and sell groups to market your eCommerce business.

4. You must be at the location where facebook marketplace is available. It may interest you to know that there are certain locations that the marketplace is not available.

Note here that if you have facebook marketplace and then traveled to the location where the feature is not available, you won’t be able to access it anymore.

Let me quote facebook here to make the whole stuff clearer to you.

According to the facebook help center,

If you live in (or recently traveled to) a location where Marketplace isn’t available, you won’t be able to use Marketplace. Keep in mind that after you’ve returned from traveling, our system may still think you’re located somewhere else for a few days. We understand that this can be frustrating, and we’re sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

5. Finally, to use the facebook marketplace, you’ll need any of the following languages.

List of languages
> Afrikaans
> Arabic
> Chinese
> Czech
> Danish
> Dutch
> English
> Finnish
> French and French Canadian
> German
> Hebrew
> Hindi
> Hungarian
> Indonesian (bahasa)
> Italian
> Malay
> Norwegian
> Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese
> Slovak
> Spanish
> Swedish
> Thai
> Turkish

Outside the above-mentioned languages, you won’t be able to access the facebook marketplace.

Hence, you’ll need to change your language settings to any of them which you can flow with.

Having covered that, let’s also consider how to access the marketplace on facebook if it has been removed.

Before we proceed, let me say here that if peradventure you enter this link: in your browser and it works but was told that the access to marketplace on facebook has been removed, there are certain things you need to do to resolve it.

In this section of this article, how to resolve my access to facebook marketplace has been removed is what we want to discuss and proffer solution to.

My Access To Facebook Marketplace Was Removed
If your access to the marketplace has been removed, it might be that you might have used the feature in a way that goes against the platform’s commercial policies or community standards.

However, if you feel you’ve not violated the facebook marketplace policies, here are the basic things you must do to regain your access to the free marketing platform:

1. Go to, locate and then click on the marketplace icon at the left column of your newsfeed

2. Next, click on review and fill the form that displays

3. Now, facebook will review your appeal and response to it appropriately. Bear in mind that you may need to check your support inbox or the email that is linked to the facebook account for information on the appeal.

Bear in mind that if your Facebook Marketplace access has been restored, you may need to refresh or download the latest version of the app.

Now, what if the facebook marketplace link: works but can’t see the shortcut icon on my device what should I do?

That is very interesting.

If you enter the marketplace link and the stuff works but you can’t access the shortcut button on the facebook app, you’ll need to try accessing the facebook marketplace by menu through the following procedure:

1. Go to the facebook app

2. Tap on the three-horizontally-stacked-lines icon

3. Next, tap on the marketplace icon. If however, you don’t see the facebook marketplace icon, you’ll need to tap on the see more option.

That is it on My Access To Facebook Marketplace Have Been Removed – What Can I Do?

NOTE: If you’re in search of an answer to this question: where is the marketplace on facebook, also bear it at the back of your mind that Marketplace isn’t available to everyone right now.

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