Search Marketplace Buy and Sell | How To Search Marketplace Facebook Local Categories – FB Marketplace

Search Marketplace Buy and Sell | How To Search Marketplace Facebook Local Categories – Several Facebook users are not aware of the Facebook marketplace feature. See: how to delete people from your facebook blocked list
Some are actually aware but ever since the button was taken off their newsfeed, they thought facebook marketplace don’t exist anymore.
Search Marketplace Buy and Sell | How To Search Marketplace Facebook Local Categories - FB Marketplace
Facebook marketplace is still in existence and lots of users who have access are using it on a daily basis for buying and selling on the giant social networking website.
For those that are yet to get to know about facebook marketplace, let me say that this facebook feature is a free marketing platform that allows facebook users to buy and sell things of their choice.
Interestingly, facebook users who are eCommerce business owners can use facebook marketplace for free to advertise and sell their goods and services to people in their local communities.

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This facebook post is all about how to search facebook marketplace buy and sell feature. So if you’re a facebook user and yet to know about facebook marketplace, this article is here to show you how to access facebook marketplace step by step.
Facebook marketplace has categories and buyers can search through these marketplace categories for items they want to buy and if they find it, they can contact sellers for the item they want to buy and buy them if the transaction is favourable.
Sellers on the other hand will list their items for sale in the different facebook marketplace categories and facebook will display them to buyers within their locality.
Facebook marketplace interface is very easy to access by every facebook user who can get access to them.
Fortunately, facebook marketplace is available on both facebook app and facebook web.
So whether you’re on facebook app or web, you have the liberty to login facebook marketplace and use it to promote your online business free of charge.
However, it is important to note that there are certain conditions you must meet before you can access the facebook marketplace.

Search Marketplace Facebook – How To Find Facebook Marketplace
Like I earlier said, before you can find the facebook marketplace on your newsfeed or facebook app, there are certain requirements you’ll need to me.

Yes! Not every facebook user can search facebook marketplace. Interestingly, one of the requirements for accessing facebook marketplace is your country.

Yes! Is facebook marketplace available in your country?

At the moment, countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Mexico, India, Greece, Germany, and many others can search Facebook marketplace.

Another requirement for accessing the facebook marketplace is that you’ll need to be at least 18years of age.

If your age is up to that, you can use the Search Marketplace Facebook feature on both your facebook app and facebook web to enjoy buying and selling on Facebook platform.

To add to the requirements for accessing facebook marketplace, your location matters. Facebook marketplace search feature must be available on your location before you can use it to buy and sell.

Again, your facebook app and web must be updated to the latest version to use facebook marketplace.

Lastly, your language must be available on facebook marketplace before you can search it also.

Those are the conditions you need for accessing the facebook marketplace.

Which Devices Can Search Facebook Marketplace
Facebook users can use Facebook app that is available on Android devices, iPhone and iPad as well the Facebook website on their desktop to manage marketplace.

Interestingly, the Search Marketplace Facebook is fairly easy to find on the Facebook app and on Facebook website.

As a Facebook user, you can locate marketplace button at the bottom of your Facebook app on your iOS device and at the top of your Facebook app on your Android device.

Facebook web users can find the marketplace button on the left side of their Facebook page.

In summary on how to find the Facebook marketplace feature, Facebook free marketplace is the shop icon you find on your Facebook menu on your Facebook app or Facebook page.

Once you click on this shop icon, you will be taken to Facebook free marketplace page where you can enjoy this feature as much as you want.

The Facebook marketplace has four options available on its screen for users to perform quick actions; the options are Sell, Categories, Search and Your items.

You can perform whatever function you want to on your Facebook marketplace by clicking any of these options. You can search for items you wish to buy with the search button, go through categories for specific items you want, sell your items and view your own items as well.

And there is a Facebook footer menu bar that allows you to return to your Facebook main home screen. Facebook notifications alert you to some activities taking place on your Facebook free marketplace.

That is it on how to find Facebook marketplace on your devices. Now, let’s proceed to the process you need to follow to find and join marketplace on Facebook.
Steps On How To Join Facebook Free Marketplace
Facebook marketplace is a free marketing platform that is embedded in Facebook. You don’t know to look for Facebook marketplace outside of Facebook.

So when once you’ve logged into your Facebook account, you’re almost close to accessing Facebook marketplace.

If you have an online business and want to use the Facebook marketplace to advertise your business free of charge, you’ll need to follow the below instructions to figure out how to join the Facebook marketplace step by step.

If you’re using a smartphone to access Facebook app, you’ll need to first and foremost, tap to open the app on your device.

Login your Facebook app if you’ve not already done that and then click on the menu button at the top or at the bottom of the app depending on the device you’re using.

Next, navigate a bit down the page and tap on the shop icon and you’ll be taken to the Facebook marketplace platform.

Note that if you do not see the shop icon after tapping on the menu button that you’ll need to tap on “see more” option so you can see more facebook features and the marketplace button as well.

That is how to find the facebook marketplace button on facebook app using your mobile device.

You can now use the facebook marketplace categories to search for what you want to buy if you’re a buyer or use the sell something feature to list your items for sale to people in your immediate environment.

Facebook web user, that is people who are using their desktop or laptop computers to access the facebook website can follow the below guide to figure out how to join facebook marketplace fast and easy.

  • First of all, you’ll need to open your computer and then visit to log into your Facebook account, 
  • Next, go to the left corner of the facebook page and you should find the SHOP ICON. Click on it and you will be taken to the Facebook marketplace platform
  • After that, if you’re a seller, you will need to add items you are selling as prompted by Facebook, you can add multiple photos if you like, Facebook does not charge you for that, unlike other online marketplaces.
  • Then enter a title, a brief and catchy title that easily describes or explains what you are selling to your target audience. You are limited to 100 character limits by Facebook while entering your title, so you have to make it brief and catchy as possible.
  • Facebook will then ask you to describe the items you are selling; you need to add detailed information about the items you are selling.
  • Then you can add a price for the items you are selling which is often displayed in your local currency, which you can change later if you wish.
  • Then choose a location and a category your products fall into the list provided by facebook, your products will be advertised in the locations you choose.
  • Once you have followed these steps accurately, facebook will make your items visible for people in your location to find. Your items will be taken to a management area where you can easily communicate with buyers and update your items’ info.
Easy Guide On How To Find Items To Buy On Marketplace
Facebook marketplace is an organised platform with different categories. Interestingly, facebook marketplace sellers always list their items in these categories so that buyers can easily have access to the.

So items for sale on facebook always appears in different categories on facebook marketplace.

Through though categories, buyers with ease locate what they want to buy and then contact the sellers for negotiation on Marketplace.

You can Search Facebook Marketplace listings and find out items near you to purchase; you can find items ranging from clothes, gadgets, vehicles, real estate and used items placed on sale in Marketplace by people in your area. To buy on Marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. your facebook app; click the store icon at the top of your page below the search bar, this will open the marketplace.
  2. Tap the CATEGORIES link at the top of the page to view the list of all the item categories on marketplace, you can scroll through categories to find recent posts from all categories.
  3. Then choose a specific category to view, there are categories for jobs, rentals, vehicles, items from people and more. Once you select a particular category, you can view recent posts in that particular category.
  4. You can still decide to search for the items you wish to buy by using the marketplace search bar; you can simply type the keywords on the search bar and tap the search button to find items.
  5. If you find an item you are interested in, you can click on the item to view its details. Just tap the picture or title to enable you to open the details of the item.
  6. Click on ASK FOR DETAILS to automatically send a message to a seller to know if the item is still available for sale.
  7. Tap the MESSAGE button to write a message to the seller to ask them directly about the item you wish to buy.
  8. Then you can tap SAVE to save the post to your saved page which would make it easy for you to locate the item later if you are really interested in buying it. Search Facebook Marketplace makes it easy for you to find new items you would love to buy from people in your local area, as well as post listings for items you would like to sell.
  9. The marketplace feature enables you to perform various options you want to on the platform such as selling items, viewing listings of products on sale, managing your items on sale and buying items with ease on the platform.
That is it on Search Marketplace Buy and Sell | How To Search Marketplace Facebook Local Categories – FB Marketplace.

I hope this article was helpful.

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