Satellite Dish – How Can I Configure Azimuth on Satellite Dish?

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Satellite Dish - How Can I Configure Azimuth on Satellite Dish?

Setting the azimuth on your satellite dish simply means pointing the dish in the proper direction using a magnetic compass.

Communications satellites maintain a geosynchronous orbit. By matching their orbital velocity to the speed of the earth’s rotation, when observed from the earth’s surface they appear not to move.

Once you have successfully aimed your dish and tightened the setting bolts, you will not have to repeat the process.

Step 1
Loosen the bolts on the dish’s mounting collar with an adjustable wrench. The mounting collar connects the dish to the mounting pole.

Step 2
Stand behind the dish and rotate your compass horizontally until the needle is aligned with the north and south readings on the dial.

Step 3
Rotate the satellite dish to face the direction indicated by the degrees on the compass.

Tighten the bolts on the mounting collar with a wrench when the dish is in the correct position.

It is important to note here:
> Large amounts of metal can affect compass accuracy. If possible, stand away from cars, metal walls or other objects that can diminish the accuracy of your reading.

> Satellite azimuth settings for the continental U.S. can be found on the links in Resources.

The following requirements are the things you’ll need.
> Satellite dish
> Adjustable wrench
> Azimuth setting
> Compass

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