Delete Facebook Account Permanently Link

Delete facebook account permanently link: Are you in search of a tutorial that teaches how to access delete facebook account link? 

If your answer is yes, here is a post that teaches everything you need to know and do to get rid of your facebook account. 
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Delete Facebook Account Link Now
Facebook, as you know, has become the most popular and largest social networking site that is used to communicate, chat and build brands. 
However, there are times you just want to close your FB account permanently or deactivate it temporarily but you don’t just know-how.
This post will help you figure out how to completely remove your profile from Facebook within few minutes… be it a new or old Facebook account.

Don’t know how to delete the Facebook account?
Follow steps to delete your account permanently.

Steps to delete Facebook account permanently
Step 1:
Generate a random new password.
This will help you to forget your Facebook account password and it will boost your account deletion even more.
Step 2:
Change your facebook password
1. Go to settings and privacy
2. Select: – security and login
3. Select: – Change password
Put your new password as generated above in step: 1

Step 3:

Click on the given link
NOTE: – You can get to this link by searching on ‘Facebook help’ page. all you have to search is ‘how to delete the account permanently’. Then follow the steps. You might need to click on the ‘Let us know’ link.
Step 4:
Fill up your Facebook password and captcha.
Step 5:
Congratulations, you have successfully applied for your account deletion. Your account will be deleted only if you do not log in to your account in next 14 days.
That is it on Delete Facebook Account Link Now.
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