How to Buy and Sell BTC Through Facebook This Year 2020 – Trade Bitcoin On Facebook

How to Buy and Sell BTC Through Facebook This Year 2020 – Trade Bitcoin On Facebook: If you are here because in a dire need of the processes you need to follow to learn how to buy and sell BTC on facebook social media platform, this article has gotten your back. In this article, all the steps for buying and selling bitcoin will be explained accordingly.

Trade bitcoin on facebook 2020: It is no doubt that Facebook contains billions of users on its site. These billions also include individuals as customers, businesses, brands, enterprises, companies, and more to mention.

With Facebook having its feature of connection and influence, and with its billions of users, individuals and businesses have seen it as the best way to market their products and services.

Gradually, Facebook grew into a hub of marketing where people came together to buy and sell.

There are locations in the Facebook site known as Facebook marketplaces. These are locations that give individuals access to buy and sell on Facebook. As a Facebook user, you are able to buy and sell products and services.

This is why you are also able to buy and sell BTC too. But, before we look at how to engage in this trade, what is BTC?

What Is BTC And How Does It Work?
BTC is an abbreviation for the word Bitcoin. Bitcoin is referred to as a cryptocurrency, which also means that it is a digital currency.

This digital currency works just like real money, but it is digital/virtual and not physical. It is the online version of cash. It can be used like real money, however, there are certain differences and limitations.

Bitcoin can also be used to make purchases and can be received as a form of payment. But not all shops accept it as a means of payment.

How does it work?
Each bitcoin that you have is stored as a file in a digital wallet, known as the bitcoin wallet. This app is also a digital/virtual. It comes in the form of an app or web version in your computer or smart mobile device. Using this wallet, you can send and receive bitcoins with your bitcoin address.

Buy and Sell BTC Through Facebook
Now, you know what BTC is and how it works. Let us further move on to how the Buy and Sell BTC through Facebook works.

There are ways through which you can get BTC (Bitcoin). You can receive bitcoins from others, you can buy and you can also create bitcoins. This is where trade of bitcoin comes in.

To get bitcoins, you can buy them. And since Facebook is a market hub that features the buy and sell of so many products, you can also get to bitcoin from other Facebook users and not Facebook itself.

So, if you want to get bitcoins, you can buy from others on Facebook. And if you want to sell, you can sell to others on Facebook. That’s how it works.

Steps on How to Buy and Sell BTC On Facebook
For you to Buy and Sell BTC on Facebook, you will need to be a registered Facebook user. This means that you will need a Facebook account. Well, it does not just end there. Using these Facebook account, you will have to access Facebook groups and Facebook pages, as they are marketplaces on Facebook where you get to engage in the trade of BTC. So, let’s get started.

Facebook Groups
Facebook groups give you full-time access to Buy and Sell BTC on Facebook. With the steps below, you can gain access to Facebook and get started.

  1. Get on your Facebook account.
  2. With the search bar at the top of your homepage, search for Facebook BTC groups.
  3. Above the search results, click on Groups. This will help to filter out the groups for you.
  4. Click on any group you want and Join Group.
  5. Once your request has been accepted, you can scroll through and get updates for sellers on the group.
  6. From here, you can drop a comment or message the seller, if you are interested. You are also able to sell on this group too. With the status box on the group, you can post your sales if you are a seller of bitcoin.

Facebook Pages
Facebook pages also help you get connected to buyers or sellers.

  1. Get on your account.
  2. Search for Facebook BTC Pages.
  3. Click on Pages, at the top of the search results.
  4. You will be given a list of pages. Open any page of your choice.
  5. Like and follow the page.

This will help you to stay updated on any posts on the page. You can also contact sellers for this page, through comments or messages.

Are you a seller? Tell if you have sold bitcoin on facebook via the comment box below.

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