Yahoo Sign Up Account – Create a New Yahoo Email Account – Yahoo Mail Account | How do I Create a New Yahoo Email Account

Yahoo Sign Up Account – Create a New Yahoo Email Account – Yahoo Mail Account | How do I Create a New Yahoo Email Account: Yahoo mail is basically an emails service platform that is owned by the American parent company, Yahoo. The emailing service providers offer four different email plans, where three are for personal use (Basic, Ad-free, and Plus) and one for business use.

Yahoo mail is one of the most popular email service providers in the world and this is due to the fact that it hosts hundreds of millions of users on the platform.

Getting a Yahoo Mail Account running is one of the easiest sign-up processes. It does not require too much information to get you ready to experience the features the email services providers offer.

Some of the features which Yahoo mail offers its users are getting news feed, calendar, address book. Also. replying messages by viewing a notification, separately archiving, starting and deleting messages. While these are some of the features offered by the email service providers, Yahoo mail.

They also allocate 1000 GB of online storage to the account users for messages. And large attachments that are sufficient for millions of messages sent and received to be stored online in your account.

Yahoo mail has done well to make their interface user-friendly so that potential or new Yahoo account users can navigate through the App with ease.

How To Create a New Yahoo Email Account
In order to have access to the experience this emailing platform offer, you will need to sign up for a Yahoo mail account. It is also beneficial to have a Yahoo mail account because you can also manage a number of other emailing services such as Google’s Gmail, Microsoft’s Outlook and some others. When signing up for an account it is better to use the desktop version. Below are the steps on how to sign up for a Yahoo mail account:

  • Visit the desktop site at to start up your sign up process.
  • At the top right of your screen click “Sign up”.
  • Proceed to fill out the form with the required information, that is, full name. Also, users name preference, password, gender, phone number and birthday.
  • The password should be made strong enough in order to be the only one enabled to access the account.

Amongst the requirements provided, your phone number is important and required as a precaution for account recovery. You are to select one of two options, either “Text an Account key” OR “Call with a verification code”.

In order to verify that you possess the device which has the number attached to your email account. It is straight forward from here on as you input the verification code and you will be redirected to the Yahoo mail home page. Then you can enjoy the features.

That is it on Yahoo Sign Up Account – Create a New Yahoo Email Account – Yahoo Mail Account | How do I Create a New Yahoo Email Account.

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