Do You Want To Delete Facebook Account? – Delete My FB Account | Permanently Delete Facebook Account

Do You Want To Delete Facebook Account? – Delete My FB Account | Permanently Delete Facebook Account: Most users don’t know they can delete their Facebook accounts, most people just stop using the platform without deleting their account which is actually bad. These dormant accounts can be hacked and used for dubious acts and the individuals wouldn’t know because they stopped using their Facebook account.

Deleting of Facebook account is actually recommended for people who are looking to stop using the platform, individuals should know that once they delete their accounts every they have ever posted on Facebook would be deleted permanently from Facebook servers which means the account can never be reactivated when they want to use it again.

Reasons to Delete Facebook Account
As soon as an individual delete a Facebook account they would be given 30 days to cancel the deletion of the account, If the users don’t cancel the deletion of the account within the 30 days Facebook would start deleting all the posts and pictures posted on this account. These are some of the reasons why individuals would want to delete their Facebook accounts.

Social media bullying is one of the major reasons a Facebook user might consider to delete their Facebook account. This kind of bullying is very common in the 21st century and it causes a lot of harm to the receiver of such acts and these receivers go as far as to commit suicide so it’s advisable to delete account before it leads to anything serious.

Some users on Facebook have experienced being hacked on Facebook, deleting Facebook account seems like a good idea when your personal information has been compromised. Plenty of Facebook users have experienced their information being leaked and this has caused a lot of accounts to be deleted from Facebook.

Recently more and more people have been deleting their Facebook accounts because of either cyberbullying, being scammed online, leak of information, impersonation etc. These are some of the reasons why individuals may decide to quit Facebook or delete their accounts from Facebook because at times it becomes very toxic.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently
Deleting a Facebook account is very easy, Facebook users shouldn’t confuse deactivating their accounts with deleting their accounts. When a Facebook account is deactivated it can be reactivated by logging in and recovering the account, but when an account is deleted it is permanently removed from Facebook servers. These are the steps on how to delete a Facebook account.

Open web browser

  • Login into existing Facebook account
  • Click the top right of the page
  • Go into settings, then click on Facebook information
  • Click on the “Deactivation and deletion” option.
  • Click on account deleting and follow the steps.

After an account has been deleted individuals can still retrieve their accounts after 30 days, but after this 30 days, the Facebook account would be permanently deleted.

That is it on Do You Want To Delete Facebook Account? – Delete My FB Account | Permanently Delete Facebook Account.

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