Amazon and PayPal Credit Card – Using PayPal Credit On Amazon Platform

Amazon and PayPal Credit Card – Using PayPal Credit On Amazon Platform: Here is a concise and straight to the point tutorial on how to use paypal credit on amazon. Continue reading below and please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones!!!

Several people do have a huge amount of money on their PayPal account and sometimes, they wish they could spend it on amazon. It is sad that not every online store accepts PayPal as a valid means of payment.

However, there are workarounds you can use to effectively spend your PayPal balance on sites that do not accept it. That is what you will be done using PayPal on Amazon. Keep reading below to learn more about How to Use PayPal Credit on Amazon.

How do I Use PayPal Credit on Amazon
Have you spotted something you want badly on Amazon? You added it to your cart and you are asked to select a payment option. Here comes the question, can you use PayPal on Amazon? Actually, you can use PayPal on Amazon but the process is not straightforward. It truly is frustrating to have a load of money in your PayPal account but not be able to spend it. Before you begin the process to use PayPal on Amazon, make sure that the item you are about to purchase is not available elsewhere with a straight forward PayPal payment option. If the item is not available elsewhere, then you can proceed to use PayPal on Amazon. (How to Use PayPal Credit on Amazon)

How Do I Buy on Amazon Using PayPal Credit
There are currently two known ways to buy on Amazon using PayPal credit. Below are the two known ways you can use it.

  1. PayPal Access Card.
  2. Amazon Gift Cards.

Above are listed two known ways to buy from Amazon using PayPal. Sure, they are confusing so we will be talking about them below. (How to Use PayPal Credit on Amazon)

PayPal Access Card
This is probably the best option to buy from Amazon using your PayPal account. The PayPal access card is a prepaid credit card backed by MasterCard. The bad news here is that this credit card is not available to all PayPal account holders. Since it is a MasterCard, you can make use of the card as a payment option when checking out of PayPal.

How do I Apply for the PayPal Access Card
If with all you’ve learned about the PayPal Access Card, you wish to apply for one, then the steps below are for you.

  1. Get your internet-connected device and open the PayPal official website using the web address
  2. Sign in to your PayPal account or quickly create one.
  3. Open in a new tab the web address
  4. Tap on the “Request your card” button and follow the onscreen instructions given to you afterward.
  5. Above is how you can easily apply for the PayPal Access Card. You could also activate the card by visiting the web address and tapping on the “Activate now” button. That is one of the ways on How to Use PayPal Credit on Amazon. If your application for the card is turned down or you do not want to bother getting a PayPal Access Card, there is an easier option. Keep reading below.

Amazon Gift Cards
This method is the quickest, fastest, and secure way to indirectly pay for your Amazon purchases. All you have to do in this process is to buy Amazon Gift Cards using your PayPal credit. There are several sites where you can buy Amazon Gift Cards that accept PayPal credit. As a matter of fact, almost all of them do. One of the places you can buy Amazon Gift Cards online is eBay and Walmart.

How to Use Amazon Gift Cards on Amazon
If you’ve purchased your Amazon Gift Cards, the next step would be making use of it to purchase items on Amazon. Below is how you can use your Amazon Gift Card on Amazon.

Find the code of the gift card.
Add it to your account. To do this, tap on “Gift Cards” from your account and then “Apply it to your account”.
Once the gift card has been added, use it to pay for the item you have your eye on.

Above is listed the basic steps to use Amazon Gift Cards on Amazon to purchase items. These methods will also work for other sites that do not accept PayPal as a payment option.

That is it on Amazon and PayPal Credit Card – Using PayPal Credit On Amazon Platform. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share it with your friends and loved ones!!!

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