Delete Facebook Page 2020 – How to Facebook Page Delete

Delete Facebook Page 2020 – How to Facebook Page Delete: Yes, we know you want to delete your Facebook page, but just before you hit the delete button, let’s be sure you understand all that deleting a Facebook page means. Some users may have their reasons why they choose to delete their page. Because you are seeing other users deleting their page then you follow them and delete yours. You should know, you can’t get that page back, you just have to create a new one.

Deleting a Facebook Page vs Facebook Profile
Don’t be confused. A Facebook page is quite different from your Facebook profile, also known as your Facebook account. Let’s see the difference right here.

Facebook Page
A Facebook page is created mainly for marketing purposes. It can be used by businesses, groups, and individuals to promote their businesses and interact with customers or fans. There are two types of Facebook page: Facebook business page and Facebook for communities and public figures. The community and public figure pages can be used for teams and clubs, or when used for celebrities, which are known as “Facebook fan pages”.

Facebook Profile
A Facebook profile page is a user personal account. This is the account you use to see your news feed, which contains pictures of friends and family, and where you create posts about your life and feelings. For whatever type of page you are looking at, you can use the steps we will be outlining later to delete the Facebook page.

Options to Consider Before you Delete Facebook Page
Deleting a Facebook page, even if it is within the 14-day restoration period, becomes tricky to get back. Thus instead of deleting your page, you can consider merging or un-publishing your Facebook page.

Facebook Data Download
You can save your data before and after deleting your Facebook page. To download your Facebook page data:

Scroll to your Facebook page.
Select Settings.
Under the General section, you will find the option that reads “Download Page”.
Tap on “Edit”, on the section that pops up, and tap on “Download Page”.

This is how you can download your data before thinking of deleting anything from your account.

Delete Facebook Page on Desktop
Here’s how to delete your page on desktop.

Log into your Facebook account.
Navigate to your Facebook page(s).
On the next screen that appears, choose the Facebook page you want to delete. Click on the page name you would like to delete.
On your Facebook page, click on Settings.
A list of various Facebook settings will be displayed, click on Edit in the row that reads “Remove Page”.
Then a notification will pop up intimating you that you have 14 days to restore the page if you get to change your mind. Proceed to delete your page. Just click on Delete
Click on “Delete Page”. After that, there will be another pop-up, which will prompt you if you are sure you want to delete the page. To delete, proceed and click on the big blue “Delete Page” tab.
After you have officially deleted your page, a pop-up window will be displayed that confirms the page has been deleted. Click on “OK”.
Here is how you can delete a page on Facebook through a desktop. For those that do not know these before, here you are. Step into the instructions given up there to delete your page from the Facebook platform.

Delete Facebook Page on Mobile (iOS or Android)
To delete a Facebook page on mobile (iOS or Android) use these simple steps:

Tap open the Facebook app and log into your account.
Tap on the Facebook menu at the upper right corner of your screen.
Proceed to your Facebook pages, in the menu that pops up.
Choose the page you would like to delete from a list of your Facebook pages that appears. If you do not see the page you are looking for, click on “See all”.
Click on the three dots icon at the upper right corner, close to the search bar.
Choose the ‘Edit page’ on the menu that pops up.
Navigate to Settings.
Choose “General”, which is the first option on your Facebook page settings.
Proceed to the “Remove Page” section, on the next page that appears. Scroll down to the section that reads “Delete ” tap on the blue words which are customized to your Facebook name.
To delete your Facebook page, click “Delete Page”.
For those of us that are looking for how they can delete their page, here is it right here.

What Happens When You Change Your Mind After Deleting Your Facebook Page
When it comes to deleting a Facebook page, Facebook is quite strict. Thus if you do not take advantage of the notification that pops while you are deleting your Facebook page, you may as well kiss your page goodbye. This notification states that you have only 14 days to bring back a deleted Facebook page. If you fail to cancel your page Deletion, during the stipulated 14 days, then your Facebook page will be lost forever. This is why you should think very well before deleting your Facebook page.

That is it on Delete Facebook Page 2020 – How to Facebook Page Delete. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share it with your friends and loved ones!!!

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