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Facebook immediately and straight away switches and veers all mobile internet users to go to their mobile app. Once in a while and from time to time, I need to gain entry to the genuine, authentic and verified Facebook Web Login. Since I can’t do everything using the internet application or my phone’s personalized, and customized app.

However, you can use Facebook’s full-page from a smartphone climate whether it is Android or Apple iPhone with little or no internet browser techniques that are listed out below.

Facebook Web Login

To gain entry into the complete Facebook webpage:

All you are required to do is type in  http://www.facebook.com/home.php into your browser.

I propose and suggest you clip or tag the web page to ensure and confirm that you could gain entry into it effortlessly and comfortably (or simply keep in mind to type in home.php after facebook.com/).


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Another means to access the complete Facebook website:

Go to facebook.com and also permit or allow the mobile internet app to load. Click on “More” and after that click on “Desktop Site”.

As quickly and immediately as the complete website has loaded up, stay away, sidestep, evade, and dodge clicking on the Facebook icon on the upper-left edge, and also avoid or veer away from clicking on YOUR profile name owing to the fact that if you do it will definitely and automatically discover that you’re on a mobile browser and also take you around or direct you to the web application (touch.facebook.com).


A more certain method:

Please have this at the back of your mind that, this method from time o time and every now and then doesn’t work owing to the fact that it relies solely on Facebook even if they desire to accept your request for a desktop webpage or as the case may be. But there are no disadvantages in not knowing the method.


For Chrome Users

Launch the Facebook app on the Chrome internet browser. When once you do that, click on the logo with 3 upright dots from the upper right edge. Immediately after that, tap on ‘Request Desktop Site’ from that point.



For Safari Users

At first, launch Facebook on Safari. Tap on the options signs, character, mark, and image from the footer of the browser, scroll to the right then click on ‘Request Desktop Site’.


If you are using an Apple iPhone 4, the outright and proper webpage functions at a very top speed, much like a normal or average computer. This should also work for an Android, Blackberry, Nokia, or Palm Pre phone along with or in addition to.

I desire and earnestly hope and believe that this article, post and write up has given succor, lend a helping hand, assisted, helped out, and aided you to wave and swell the desktop variation of Facebook from a smartphone. If you require, demand, or call for any relief or aid with regards to, or as touching the issue after that please kindly send in your comments, suggestions, and questions listed below.

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