INSTAGRAM LOGIN PROBLEMS: Some of the problems reportedly by Instagram users when signing in include:

  • We can’t sign into your account.
  • Sorry, there was a problem with your request.
  • Forgotten password for [username]?
  • Username you entered does not belong to an account.
  • Please check your username and try again.
  • Instagram username not found

Having issues when trying to access your Instagram account can be quite frustrating, especially if you are one who runs a business account and use your account for marketing purposes or one who enjoys utilising this social media platform. Whichever way, it could be really annoying and daunting.

If you are having issues accessing your Instagram account, it could be due to the following reasons and some solutions are proffered in each case:

1. Poor Mobile data connection or WiFi connection:

Sometimes, having issues accessing your Instagram account could be as a result of poor data connection or poor signal. Rebooting your router could help or you could try again later as the problem might be from your service provider. It could also be as a result of not having an active data plan, probably you have run out of data. In this case, you could purchase a data plan and try again.

2. Incorrect date and time:

Login issues can also arise as a result of the wrong date and time. Try resetting your date and time to the correct hour of the day. You could also set automatically to the correct time and day provided by your service provider.

3. Outdated Instagram version:

You could also encounter Login issues if the version of the Instagram Application you are using is outdated. You could easily update the app on your Google Play store for Android Users and on App store for iOS users.

4. Wrong Password for Username:

Login problems could also arise as a result of filling out the wrong Login credentials. Ensure you fill out your correct login details in the spaces provided. If you have forgotten your password, click on forgotten password and follow the instructions that will be given in retrieving or creating a new password for your Instagram account.

5. Verification Process:

Logging in from a new device that Instagram does not recognise will require further verification if you want to login to your Instagram account.

6. App Cache and Data corruption:

This could also pose an issue. To fix this issue:

1. Go to your device settings, then to your Application setting

2. Go to all the app and select Instagram. Look for an option like ‘Clear Cache and Data

3. Clear the data and you could try signing in again.

4. If the problem persists, force stop the application. This will prevent the app from running and you could sign indirectly from your PC or your browser.

7. Other Factors:

You could also experience login issues because you may have been blocked from using Instagram as a result of violating Instagram community rules. Another reason could be that your device doesn’t support Instagram Applications.

***Some Instagram login problems can also be fixed just by switching off or rebooting your mobile device or PC.

If you have tried any of these options and you can not still access your Instagram account, you can contact Instagram’s help and support team for professional assistance and solution.

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