Tuned App – All About Facebook Latest App for Couples

Tuned App – Facebook’s New Product Experimentation Team (NPE) has just launched a fresh messaging app specially customised to help couples to stay connected as they share every moment with themselves.

This new product is referred to as “Tuned”. It is important to note here that Facebook has never relented in developing platforms that help keep our world connected.

For those of us that would want to know, Tuned is one of those initiatives developed by Facebook’s NPE team.

The Tuned App is a messenger App that enables couples to do the following:

  1. Chat
  2. Share music
  3. Share photos and also
  4. Share memories they had together

All the above is centered on offering couples an exceptional platform with which they can share their private moments.

Facebook’s NPE team is a team responsible for developing new social media products from the scratch. According to the team commented on this app:

“Tuned is a private space where you and your significant other can just be yourselves”.

The launch of this app is very strategic in the sense that it has been released at a time when social media engagement is constantly on the rise more than ever before. This is as a result of the fact that the government of nations all around the world declared lockdowns are a means of controlling the spread of the pandemic (Coronavirus).

What You Should Know About Tuned App

Tuned App is not yet available globally. You can only download it if you are in the United States and Canada. In addition to that, the app is just available to iOS users. That implies if you are making use of an iPad or iPhone you can download Tuned App from your Apple App Store.

Android users who are keen to start making use of this app can be rest assured it won’t take so long before Facebook makes it available to them.

Just take a chill peradventure you are not in the USA or Canada because there is no doubt Facebook is preparing to get Tuned App across to you.

That is it on Tuned App – All About Facebook Latest App for Couples. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share!!!

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