How Do I Close Citibank Account – Deactivate your Citibank Account Immediately

In today’s post, we are going to be considering how to Close Citibank Account. Yes, during the course of this article, we are going to show you exactly how to Deactivate your Citibank Account.

So if you are here because you are in dire need of the processes involved in getting rid of your account on the Citibank platform, this article has gotten you covered.

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If you have signed up for a Citibank account, you will agree with me that the process involved in creating a citibank account is easy. In the same vein, the process involved in deleting Citibank accounts is also pretty simple and easy.

Have you kept some transactions pending due to your inability to terminate your citibank account? Just relax, this guide has a thorough illustration of how you can close citibank account forever.

People always get lost when it comes to terminating an account. It’s easy to sign up for an account but always difficult for people to locate an idea of how to close the same account. Well, citibank granted its customers the flexible and simplest method to eradicate their account when they feel like it.

Your account in Citibank is created to be deleted someday. So, that you are demanding for account closure has no effect on the bank and it didn’t get them into amazement. That is to say, your request will be granted without delay.

However, in every official gathering, there are one or two protocols observed. The protocols observed in citibank account deactivation are the act of locating the account closure request form. A good number of people think that closing citibank accounts can be performed online or on the Web. But it’s not true.

Citibank is one of the banks that has endorsed and been practicing strict measures towards their customer’s account. You can never be allowed to open your account online because there are enough fraudulent actions being practiced online.

Citibank account termination is done in-person and manually. You will come with the bank closure request form, they will see you, ask you some questions, make sure is your account before the account will be touched.

But should in case you are very serious about closing your Citibank account, be sure that zero balance is appearing on your account because if not, after closure, it won’t be yours again.

Reasons for Closing Citibank Account

Everyone has different reasons directed to every action. Of course, we know that closing an account is a deliberate account that’s why questions are portrayed so as to know the reasons for poor services. You can close your citibank account due to:

  1. Multiple Accounts: Some have multiple accounts in citibank and when such occurs they feel like to have only one or two. That can bring about the closure of citibank account.
  2. Dormant Account: When an account is dormant, there is no need for its existence. Therefore, owners will feel like deleting that account in order to erase their name as an account holder in that bank
  3. Poor Services: Citibank has been recorded among the banks that renders quality services to their esteemed customers but people were created to have different taste. Maybe they are not treating you as you imagined, then it can lead to bank termination

Requirements for Closing Citibank Account

  1. First and Foremost, withdraw all withdrawable
  2. Obtain all documents and other possessions saved on their premises
  3. Make sure you are not owing to any loan
  4. Get the Closure Request Form from the bank or Download Online
  5. Fill the forms properly and make sure that you tick all box and supply all information on their respective columns

How Do I Close Citibank Account

  1. Download Citibank Account Closure Request Form from
  2. Fill the columns and append signatures where supposed. The signature must appear the same as the one situated on your account. That is to say, the signature must be account-related
  3. Quickly move to any citibank branch nearby to submit the form
  4. Give them 4 days for your account to be finally and permanently closed
  5. How to affirm? They will notify you of the successful account closure.

That is it on How Do I Close Citibank Account – Deactivate your Citibank Account Immediately. I hope this article was helpful. Kindly share!!!

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