This is Everything we Know About the AC Cobra Series 4–Electric Car


AC is ready to produce the Cobra Series 4-electric, keeping the classic Cobra’s tradition alive, and the car is nothing short of spectacular. The AC Cobra is a legendary British sports automobile that has been in production for nearly six decades.

Carroll Shelby persuaded AC Cars and Ford to join forces and produce a sports car that could compete with Corvettes and Ferraris on the race track back in the day. The automobile is still highly popular, and copies are selling just as well.

However, in order to keep up with the times, the firm has opted to electrify this legendary sports car. The AC Cobra Series 4–electric is dubbed “The AC Cobra upgraded for a new age” by the company.

The new Cobra is a crazy battery-powered version of the brand’s symbol, with supercharged V8 power swapped out for electric charge.

Machine That Is Both Quiet and Quick

This is Everything we Know About the AC Cobra Series 4–Electric Car

Despite the fact that little is known about the new EV’s specifications, AC has proposed two Cobra Series 4 models. A single 230 kW motor produces 369 lb-ft of torque in the more cost-effective form.

The electric Cobra will be able to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 4.9 seconds and travel up to 190 miles on a single charge.

The more powerful model puts out 617 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque thanks to a dual-motor system. AC says that with this new power unit, it can accelerate from 0 to 62 MPH in under 3.8 seconds. Both EVs have the same 54 kWh battery pack, however, the higher-end model only has a range of 160 miles when fully charged.

The new lithium-ion battery, motors, inverters, and control units that are part of the new electric powertrain, according to AC Cars, weigh no more than the traditional V8 engine and transmission.

This news has caused quite a stir in the electric vehicle community, as people are enthralled by the company’s pure brilliance.

New Vs Old: A Comparison Of The Cobras

New Vs Old: A Comparison Of The Cobras

This is Everything we Know About the AC Cobra Series 4–Electric Car

On the surface, the Superblower Mark IV and the Series 4-electric may resemble one other in appearance and feel. On the inside, though, there is a significant difference. For starters, thanks to its lighter body, the new Cobra is far more powerful.

The Series 4 now has a greater pickup, torque management, and overall a smoother driving experience thanks to the electrification. Despite having greater power under the hood, the car is far more eco-friendly than its predecessor and maintains the famous Cobra chassis and look.

For any classic car enthusiast looking for a more sensible alternative, the new AC Cobra Series 4-electric is a breath of fresh air.

This new addition to the company’s arsenal has sparked a lot of interest, and it will be released in early 2022 for roughly $223,000 in price. Furthermore, AC may begin pre-sales as early as late 2021.

The Light And Sturdy Build

This is Everything we Know About the AC Cobra Series 4–Electric Car

Since the first Cobra, the AC has been tasked with balancing power and weight. The 2-seater Cobra’s conventional chassis design is nearly unchanged, but the fine-tuning of its components have gone up several notches.

Falcon assisted in setting up and signing off on the cars after they arrived, which were partially built at AC’s factory in South Africa. The vehicle’s overall chassis is mostly based on the Cobra 378 Superblower Mark IV, and it will be available in 15 different colors, including five premium trims.

The overall look is evocative of a Shelby Cobra from the 1960s. The primary chassis frame has been strengthened with 4” diameter tubing, up from the 3” tubing used previously.

On the outside, new fenders are placed to accommodate the Mark IV Cobra’s wider wheel track, while a reworked front bumper allows for a larger aperture for the front radiator. These modifications also give the new Cobra a more aggressive appearance, which is appropriate given its enhanced power plant.

The transverse leaf springs are replaced with coil springs for the Mark IV, while the original chassis retains the usage of equal-length wishbones.

The Cobra’s reputation in the EV era is best represented by the Series 4-electric, which lives up to the company’s moniker. Despite being electric, the automobile outperforms its ICE predecessor in a number of ways.

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