Here’s How Much a First-Generation VW Karmann Ghia Will Set You Back in 2021

With nearly half a million units sold during its lifetime, the Volkswagen Ghia was a huge success. Who would have guessed that putting an Italian body on a Volkswagen would be so successful? Who did it? The individuals in control at Volkswagen in the 1950s, to be precise.

The VW Karmann Ghia was introduced in 1955 and rapidly became one of the most sought-after automobiles of the decade. It also sticks in the minds of automotive enthusiasts, as people still try to get their hands on these legendary German-Italian vehicles. This sleek and cheap automobile was sold as a sports car and became an instant hit.

For many drivers, the combination of Italian styling and German engineering was simply too appealing to pass up. It was a nice car both when it was first produced and many years later.

Many Karmann Ghias have been imported to the Sun Belt, so there are plenty of these plucky little vehicles still in near-perfect condition. Plus, the Ghia was once the most imported automobile in the United States, so getting your hands on one is easier than you may expect.

What Did The VW Karmann Ghia Originally Cost?

Soon after the Karmann Ghia was introduced, production doubled, making it a must-have for automotive fans. The Volkswagen Karmann Ghia was originally supposed to cost $2,245.

In today’s money, the VW Karmann Ghia would cost roughly $22,550 after inflation. When you consider the aesthetic and build quality of this antique item, that’s not bad. Of course, we’d expect a modern sports vehicle to have a little more power, especially if we were trying to keep up with traffic on the motorway.

Although the original retail price of $2,245 was a little higher than the ordinary VW in the 1950s, many owners thought it was well worth it. The Karmann Ghia would not have become as popular if it hadn’t been for them.

How Much Does A 1st Generation VW Karmann Ghia Cost Today?

Collectible automobiles can now sell for millions of dollars. Such a problem does not exist, however, for the simple but beautiful VW Karmann Ghia. If in perfect condition, a first-generation 1950s VW Karmann Ghia would cost around $60,000.

Later models, on the other hand, are significantly more affordable, and collectors should anticipate paying between $25,000 and $30,000 for a good-condition 1970s model. Later models, on the other hand, are significantly more affordable, and collectors should anticipate paying between $25,000 and $30,000 for a good-condition 1970s model.

The Karmann Ghia is essentially cheap change when it comes to getting your hands on a collectible car. It’s a super-affordable automobile that will make you the center of attention at any car show.

Of all, because Ghias are so inexpensive and plentiful, you might not be the only Ghia fan at the gathering. In that case, simply introduce yourself to your new collector pal and trade stories about this charming little car.

Specs for the 1st Generation VW Karmann Ghia

From 1956 through 1974, the Karmann Ghia and VW Bug are mechanically and electronically similar. The Ghia, on the other hand, is a world distinct from the VW Bug just by looking at it. Ghia, Italy’s famous studio, is largely responsible for this.

Ghia specialized in exotic Italian sports vehicles, and it applied that design philosophy to the VW Karmann. Drivers could choose between two Ghia models: a coup or a cabriolet convertible.

Although the Ghia was billed as a 2+2 sports car, it’s fair to say that speed wasn’t the Ghia’s main draw. Because it was a Bug at heart, the Karmann Ghia’s 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine only produced 36 BHP. Although the Bug was at its heart, the Ghia was three inches long and seven inches lower than its counterpart.

The Ghia was also substantially faster than the Bug due to its much-reduced weight. Despite Ghia’s apparent lack of power, the acceleration was acceptable for a sports vehicle. The Ghia’s aerodynamic body also contributed to a higher total peak speed. The Ghia’s top speed is expected to be 80 miles per hour.

Figures from Karmann Ghia’s Production

Volkswagen Ghia’s sales remained strong throughout its life. Volkswagen’s German factory-produced 445,238 Karmann Ghias in total. The Karmann Ghia might have arguably been produced for a few more years before Volkswagen decided to discontinue it.

The Ghia, on the other hand, was axed because the German manufacturer wanted to create room in its plants for the Scirocco coupe’s manufacturing.

Throughout the car’s production run, improvements were made to the car’s performance, with the horsepower eventually reaching 60 HP. With a larger 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine and a top speed of 90 MPH, the car gained more power.

The Karmann Ghia’s major draw, though, remained its elegance and construction quality. Despite its slower-than-average speed, the Ghia continues to be a popular choice among vehicle collectors around the country.

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