Classic Sports Cars of 2021 – Everything You Need To Know

The age-old question of determining which sports car is the most reliable is a perennial one. Everyone has an opinion, and it’s often based on anecdotal evidence. Despite popular belief, some Alfa Romeo owners insist their automobile is dependable.

However, it is entirely dependent on how well the vehicle is maintained. Because sports cars demand greater care, they have a reputation for being unreliable.

Those that allege unreliability, on the other hand, were presumably not keeping up with fluid changes, brakes, and bushings, among other things. Because of their design, some sports cars are unreliable.

2021 Porsche 718 Cayman

Classic Sports Cars of 2021 - Everything You Need To Know
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When Porsche rebranded its Cayman the 718 Cayman in 2017 and replaced the car’s six-cylinder engine with a turbocharged four-cylinder, part of the connection to the 911 was lost.

The performance of the four-cylinder 718 is undoubtedly enough, but the driving experience is somewhat lifeless. Thankfully, the 2021 718 Cayman has a healthy dosage of James Brown.

With the introduction of the GT4, Cayman received a brand-new six-cylinder engine. Porsche will follow up with the 718 Cayman GTS 4.0 in 2021.

It uses the same naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine as the GT4, however it produces somewhat less horsepower (394 horsepower compared to 414 hp in the GT4).

You do, however, receive all of the luxury and amenities that the GTS model line offers, as well as a lesser price.

2021 BMW M2 Competition

Classic Sports Cars of 2021 - Everything You Need To Know

BMW has a wide range of performance vehicles, but with many of them producing well over 400 horsepower, those who don’t go to the track will rarely scrape the glue off the performance envelope.

Thankfully, one BMW, the 2021 BMW M2 Competition, is significantly better suited for drivers who want to have fun on ordinary old roads while still being readily capable.

That isn’t to imply that the M2 Competition is lacking in terms of power. Its 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged straight-six engine produces 405 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque. It’s the same engine that powers the 425-hp M4, but it’s been detuned for the M2, and, dare I say it, the I6 feels better in the M2 than it does in the M4.

Because the car has two tiny turbochargers, slamming the throttle generates a near-instant response, and BMW’s electronic nannies do an excellent job of sorting out the traction, leaving me with nothing but torque to propel me to the next curve.

2021 Chevrolet Corvette

Classic Sports Cars of 2021 - Everything You Need To Know

Chevrolet did more than just revamp the Corvette last year when it unveiled the all-new model. The V8 engine was moved behind the seats and front of the rear axle, transforming America’s sports car into a legitimate mid-engine exotic that competes with vehicles twice its price.

Chevy, on the other hand, is just getting started. Hotter variations are on the way, starting with the return of the Z06 to the roster. Meanwhile, rest assured that the base Stingray will easily meet your speed requirements.

It’s difficult to exaggerate how much this new C8 Vette has improved over previous models. Visit get our complete evaluation and performance test number, go to our Expert Rating.

Jaguar F-Type

Classic Sports Cars of 2021 - Everything You Need To Know

Jaguar’s boisterous and elegant coupe has been revised for 2021 with a radically restyled front end and a slight tweak to the taillights and rear fascia. The former analog gauges have been replaced by a reconfigurable digital gauge cluster display on the interior.

We’re a little unhappy that Jaguar has dropped the previous top-of-the-line SVR trim level, but its rumbling 575-horsepower engine is still available in the 2021 R model.

The SVR’s particular rear suspension design and tires have also been applied to the 2021 F-Type, according to Jaguar. The F-model Type’s lineup is another major selling factor. The P300, which is powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, is a reasonably priced premium sports car.

Ford Mustang

Classic Sports Cars of 2021 - Everything You Need To Know

The Ford Mustang is a fantastic sports car that serves as a flagship for the company’s whole lineup. It’s one of the most instantly recognizable vehicles on the road, with sharp lines and classic details that turn heads. The Mustang isn’t just for show, though: the chassis is incredibly capable and provides excellent handling as well as a comfortable ride.

Of course, there are some flaws, such as some of the inside materials being a little flimsy (though an update in 2018 addressed this) and the engines being incredibly thirsty, but it’s hard to complain when prices start at £39,000.

The EcoBoost engine isn’t nearly as powerful or quick as its V8 sibling, but the difference isn’t significant, and it does save money in the long term.

Chevrolet Camaro

Classic Sports Cars of 2021 - Everything You Need To Know

It may stick to the tried-and-true muscle-car formula, but this is the most technologically advanced Camaro yet. The car’s body is 91kg lighter and 28% stiffer than the previous iteration, providing a significantly stronger foundation for a high-performance vehicle.

The suspension, meanwhile, is made up of aluminum components to reduce unsprung weight, and while the base platform is shared with Cadillac’s ATS and CTS sedans, Chevrolet claims that 70% of the Camaro’s components are unique.

Instead of a crude live rear axle, the rear suspension uses a multi-link structure, and Magnetic Ride Control constantly adaptable dampers are offered (and fitted to this test car).

There are multiple drive modes to choose from, as well as a brake-based torque vectoring technology that helps the car pivot into a corner.

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