The 2021 Jac Jiayue X4 SUV Super Car – All You Need To Know

The Jac Jiayue X4 SUV is a wonderful machine, and what it has beneath the hood warrants its renown. Jac’s Jiayue X4 was formally introduced to the world on June 27th, 2020. The car’s pricing range is estimated to be between $10,286 and $14,102, according to the manufacturer.

Following up from the Jiayue X7, the X4 is another masterpiece by Jac. The vehicle is categorized as a compact SUV and is designed using the all-new family design language, which gives it a sleeker yet sportier appearance than its predecessor.

Jac Motors has made a reputation for itself in the Chinese vehicle business since its founding in 1964. Initially, the company produced commercial vehicles such as pickup trucks and light trucks.

The Jac MPV, the company’s first passenger car, was introduced in 2002. Following that, the automaker generated news with the majority of its releases and moved its focus to passenger cars. It does, however, keep up its tradition of producing commercial vehicles.

Potent Engine Option

The 2021 Jac Jiayue X4 SUV Super Car - All You Need To Know

This fantastic look isn’t the only aspect that appeals to customers. This car’s powertrain is equally amazing. All models of the Jiayue X4 are powered by a fuel-efficient and innovative turbocharged 1.5-liter L4 engine, designated ‘HFC4GB2.4E’ by the firm. The difference between the trims is the transmission system, with the cheaper and mid-tier variations having a 6-speed manual transmission and the higher trims having a 6-speed CVT transmission.

All of the variations, however, produce the same 150 horsepower at 5,500 RPM and 154.8 lb-ft of peak torque. This power enables the X4 to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds, an incredible time for a fuel-efficient SUV.

When designing the SUV’s motor, the engineers at Jac made sure to keep fuel economy in mind. The Jiayue X4 has a city mileage of 26.7 MPG, a highway mileage of 32.6 MPG, and a suburban or mixed mileage of 38 MPG.

Furthermore, the automobile has some amazing safety features that were designed expressly for the Chinese market and cater to the various terrains found in mainland China. The SUV is also equipped with several innovative devices to keep passengers captivated and engaged in the Jac experience.

The Luxurious and Spacious Cabin

The 2021 Jac Jiayue X4 SUV Super Car - All You Need To Know


Anyone seeking a family hauler would love this vehicle. The need for passenger safety has been highlighted by Jac, as evidenced by the array of components that contribute to this necessity.

The X4 has the standard ABS, ESC, and ABD, as well as technologies like hill-start assist and an electronic parking brake to assist the driver and distract them from minor details. For a better understanding of the car’s diagnostic report, the traction control system includes tire-pressure monitoring.

A 10.25-inch display on the center console controls and monitors these features, as well as providing navigation and multimedia assistance.

Despite having a slew of great feats, customers get more than they could want from an SUV with exceptional performance thanks to the Jac Jiayue X4’s affordable pricing point. ures under its shell, the SUV costs around $12,500 on average, which looks like a steal.

Excitingly Crafted Exterior

The 2021 Jac Jiayue X4 SUV Super Car - All You Need To Know

The Jiayue X4 is only compact on the outside, despite being marketed as a small SUV. When it comes to cabin room and storage, the interiors are extremely big. The car measures 70.8 inches in width and 65 inches in height, with a 103-inch wheelbase. This makes it simple to steer and drive the SUV through tight curves.

The car’s athletic looks are enhanced by the narrow-strip front grille with chrome trim and the bar-type air inlet below.

In terms of aesthetics, the Jac Jiayue X4 adopts a new design language known as the ‘Global Design Of Jac Passenger Car 3.0 Era,’ which emphasizes straight lines and corners. The car’s design is sleeker and more trendy, which appears to be more in tune with contemporary fashion.

To simulate a floating roof impression and keep the overall visual impact dynamic, the X4’s side has a double waistline design and a concealed B and C pillar design. The overall form is rounded on the rear, but the use of lines and curves is bolder, giving the X4’s sophisticated design language a robust appeal. The new SUV’s backlights use the iconic mono-bar style, which is also visible in the headlight structure.

The X4 is equipped with McPherson suspensions in the front and torsion beam suspensions in the rear for added control and comfort. The aluminum body is complemented by 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, which give appropriate ground clearance for the X4 to be driven on both off-road and urban terrains.

With the help of the 4-wheel disc braking mechanism, the driver has complete control over the car’s movement. The electronic handbrake, which regulates its stiffness according to the vehicle’s resting angle of inclination, adds to the vehicle’s comfort element.

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