Is W-12 The Best Bentley Flying Spur Trim? – Here Is Our View


With its twin-turbocharged engines and opulent leather-and-wood-lined compartments, the Bentley Flying Spur is a princely ride meant to provide anyone who hops in an exhilarating experience. This luxury vehicle, however, offers more than just good looks.

The Bentley Flying Spur has very nimble handling and incredible straight-line speed; this high-spirited Bentley sedan is also incredibly quick.

However, such magnificence comes at a high cost, which rises when you customize it with Mulliner’s several versions and packages.

Another advantage of the Bentley Flying Spur is that it is available in two versions: V8 and W12. Regardless of which variation you choose, both are quick automobiles.

A Brief History

Is W-12 The Best Bentley Flying Spur Trim? - Here Is Our View

Few automobiles can compare to the Bentley Flying Spur in terms of luxury. Everything about it is painstakingly planned, from its sleek 2.75-ton shell to the tiniest of interior details—engineers Bentley’s hand-craft practically every element of the vehicle at their plant in Britain.

Buyers are encouraged to choose from a wide choice of materials to meet their expectations. The Flying Spur’s passenger compartment is spacious and comfortable, and every vehicle amenity is within easy reach.

A refined W12 powerplant provides fast acceleration and engaging driving behavior beneath the surface. It’s pricey, and some of the optional driver-assistance features should be included as standard.

The Flying Spur, on the other hand, is one of the greatest of the best in the world of ultra-luxury automobiles.

Flying Spur Powertrain

Is W-12 The Best Bentley Flying Spur Trim? - Here Is Our View

The Bentley W12 engine develops 626 horsepower and is powered by a six-liter twin-turbo six-liter engine. The enormous engine allows the 5,500-pound sedan to reach 60 mph in under four seconds.

On the track, the Flying Spur, according to the manufacturer, can reach speeds exceeding 200 mph. The Flying Spur has a wide power range, with 664 lb-ft of torque available at just 1,350 rpm. When you press the accelerator, the Bentley gives you a locomotive-like thrust.

An eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission completes the Flying Spur’s drivetrain. All-wheel drive is standard for better handling in all weather situations, and the air suspension may be adjusted by the driver.

The Flying Spur is surprisingly entertaining to drive, with quick handling in bends, despite being designed primarily for cruising down highways and boulevards.

The Luxurious and Spacious Cabin

Is W-12 The Best Bentley Flying Spur Trim? - Here Is Our View

The inside of the Flying Spur is comparable to that of previous Bentley automobiles, with classic design supported by cutting-edge technology. Customers can personalize their Flying Spur by choosing from a wide choice of colors and materials.

Every surface in the cabin is adorned with fine leather, wood, and metal. Heated and cooled seats are available.

One of the most extensive infotainment systems available is Bentley’s. It starts with a 12.3-inch display in the dashboard’s center that hides when not in use behind a wood panel.

Night vision is an optional driver safety feature that employs thermal images to detect people and animals that the naked eye might miss.

Backseat passengers have access to a smartphone-sized tablet that allows them to handle practically every vehicle feature. It’s built into the central console, yet it may be taken out and held in one’s hand.

You may control seat functions, navigation, internal lighting, motorized window blinds, climate, media, and more from a distance.

The V8 and W-12 Variants

Is W-12 The Best Bentley Flying Spur Trim? - Here Is Our View

Both the V8 and the W-12 versions appear to be appealing and engaging. Both have a lot of power and speed. Both Flying Spur variants come equipped with a powerful twin-turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive, and an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The base V8 model has a power output of 542 horsepower, while the quieter W-12 model has a power output of 626 horsepower.

The V8 type has a longer range and produces fewer pollutants than the W12 variant, so it’s worth considering. Despite the W12’s superior variety of performance features, it’s somewhat ironic.

W-12 is the Most Preferred Variants

Is W-12 The Best Bentley Flying Spur Trim? - Here Is Our View

Which variant of the Flying Spur is the best? With the differences essentially boiled down to engine performance, which one is the best? Apart from what’s under the hood, two sports vehicles appear to be similar, yet only one must stand out.

The W12 model costs $219,425, which is much more than the V8 vehicle’s $198,725 starting price. The $21,000 price difference is significant, but the W12 is simply more equipped. Finally, we believe that all things considered, the W12 trim gives more bang for your buck.

Furthermore, both varieties come with a three-year warranty, so if you have the funds, it makes sense to go with the more powerful one. Regardless of the model you choose, both vehicles provide luxury and power.

It doesn’t make the V8 model a bargain. The W12 comes out on top due to its excellent value for money. With that in mind, it’s critical to make purchasing judgments based on your personal preferences.

The W12 is a capable and deserving engine, and the Bentley Flying Spur is an exceptional vehicle in every way.

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