The 2010 Can-Am Spyder; This is Why We Love It


2010 Can-Am Spyder – Can-Am Spyder is a trailblazing machine with a unique two-front and one-rear wheel configuration. It is worthy of note that the three-wheeled Spyder is a very different beast in terms of handling and wider than a bike, something a biker must always keep in mind.

2010 Can-Am Spyder – This great innovation is clearly aimed at non-motorcyclist, but for those who do not want to ride on two wheels but still crave the wind in their face and the freedom of the open road.
You can find your adventure aboard the base RT, the RT Audio and Convenience, and the full house RT-S, Various levels of standard and optional equipment, and a bespoke trailer can turn your RT into long-range camping and touring machine. let take a lot at some of its features.


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2010 Can-Am Spyder – All three models come with the Rotax-built 998cc V-Twin originally seen on Aprilia and Buell 1125 bikes and adapted to the needs of the spyder, a heavy touring machine. With 100hp at 7500rpm and a nice flat torque curve that shows up at a nice and low 2,000rpm and peaks at 80 lb-ft at 5500rpm, the spyder remains an adequate performer with my 110kg on board. More power would be fun, but not at the expense of the generous torque at everyday revs.

There has never been a dull moment aboard the spyder, as the torque comes on nicely to get you going. The dampened front suspension sprung softly to absorb the bumps on the road allowing you to enjoy the scenery and fresh air. The spyder is most enjoyable when driven with care as it tootles along nicely keeping its composure as you move up to gentle touring speeds on a straight and smooth road.

To maintain stability at a higher speed, the RT has an air management feature at the front end designed specifically for that purpose it also takes care of cooling the Engine to avoid overheating.

Standard Features of the three RT models (Base, RT Audio and Convenience, RT-S)

  •  A choice of manual or assisted shifting for the 5-speed and reverse gearbox
  • 5-step push-button preload adjustability of the swingarm-mounted mono-shock
  • A toolkit with tire pressure gauge and spare key-matching lock barrel for the trailer
  • 12-volt sockets and communication ports, driven by a 650W alternator
  • The sophisticated VSS (Vehicle Stabilizing System – Bosch version 8.0) includes ABS, traction control, yaw control and speed limiting on cornering. The various VSS functions are described in greater detail at
  • The Roadster Electronic Control Center (RECC), an illuminated four-point click wheel on the left grip, to navigate the information and functions like any in-dash stereo, CB, digital speedometer and tachometer, language and choice of units.
  • The heated grip adjuster
  • Integrated AM/FM stereo system with speed-modulated volume control, standard bar-mounted volume controls, and Apple iPod/iPhone integration.
  • Heated passenger handrails and separate controls, adjustable floorboards, with lumbar support and padded armrests built into the high Top Case.
  • Extra touring-oriented gauges regarding distance, time and fuel.


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The RT has a comfortable footpeg to climb aboard, ensuring that your leg clears the rear backrest and storage structure. The wide seat with raised sides helps keep you in there on the corners for a comfortable ride while accessing the controls on the dashboard with ease.

The RT has room for 155 liters of baggage at the rear, in two saddlebags and the vertical top Case. There is provision for bespoke of 622 liters fully suspended trailer with a total moving capacity of 777 liters.

The spyder’s performance and comfort are highly commendable owing to the fact that this is a tricycle. Although it has complex dynamics, BRP and Bosch have developed the VSS electronics that turn it into a safer machine for touring by everyday drivers.



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