Can Online Dating Lead to Marriage


Online Dating Might Be Changing the American Family

While revealing that you and your spouse met on a dating site or app isn’t necessarily the most exciting way to meet cute, the truth is that dating sites and apps are all over the place. Today, more than one-third of marriages begin online, which may be a positive aspect in maintaining healthy partnerships. According to a new study, couples who meet by swiping right have healthier and longer marriages than those who meet in person.

According to the study, meeting online is now a considerably greater signal of a marriage’s potential for success, according to Josué Ortega of the University of Essex in the United Kingdom and Philipp Hergovich of the University of Vienna in Austria. In 10,000 randomly created society simulations, the researchers assessed the compatibility of two partners. The strength of marriages was then calculated based on the degree of compatibility. And when they added online dating connections to those communities, they discovered that compatibility increased considerably, probably leading to better marriages.

These findings are consistent with previous research that suggests that internet dating may be linked to happy marriages. For example, a 2012 study looked at over 19,000 persons who married between 2005 and 2012. Couples who met online thought their marriages were more satisfying than those who met offline, and their marriages were less likely to end in divorce or separation.

Before you go all in on your Tinder swiping, keep in mind that these data only point to a link between online dating and successful marriages. There’s no solid proof that meeting online leads to a healthier relationship, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of meeting partners the old-fashioned way. Many factors influence these findings, including whether persons who join up for dating sites are also likely to be ready to marry.

It could also be because people usually meet their prospective mates through mutual acquaintances, and online dating exposes users to a much larger social network. Breaking free from “friend of a friend” blind dates just expands the pool of new people users can meet. As a result, it can be a numbers game.

In any case, while you’re likely to see more and more marriages resulting from apps like eHarmony or Tinder, meeting your mate offline first doesn’t guarantee a bad marriage.

You may learn about someone’s likes and activities right away when you date online. You may use a filter to find members with similar preferences. There are dating sites for people with various tastes, ethnic backgrounds, ages, geographic locations, and other traits. One of the most important aspects of a happy marriage is having same interests and a similar view on life.

You start trading contacts – chat, emails, and texts – once you’ve met him or her on the dating site and begun communicating properly. You know where the relationship is going within a few weeks.

Online dating is also perfect for those who struggle to initiate conversation at parties and social gatherings. At the very least, you know the person you’re speaking with is single and looking for a mate.

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