How Online Dating Works

One of the most basic human desires is to form a romantic relationship and possibly fall in love. However, in today’s world, there are numerous barriers that may prevent someone from meeting the love of their life. Maybe it’s against company policy to date coworkers. Maybe you despise the bar scene. You might not be in the correct frame of mind to meet your soul match when shopping at the supermarket.

For decades, people of various ages, lifestyles, and locales have struggled with this issue. In the last decade or two, a new alternative for helping lonely souls meet their soul mates has emerged: internet dating.

Online dating is merely a means of meeting new people, with benefits and drawbacks. Many dating sites cater to very specialized groups or hobbies, and the number of dating sites available is continually increasing. There are sites for elders, Muslims, fitness enthusiasts, people looking for friends, and others interested in more mature activities. We’ll concentrate on the most basic form of dating site in this article: one that aims to bring two people together for a romantic relationship. While the rules and practices of each individual dating site may differ, this article applies to the majority of popular dating services.

When you’ve decided to give it a go, the first thing you should do is create a profile. To get started, go to the next page and understand what online dating is like, how (and if) it works, and how to make your online dating experience safe and successful.

Creating a Good Profile

When you initially visit an online dating service, you can look through profiles without having to provide any personal information. Depending on the site, the amount of information you may see about each individual varies. Some websites allow users to limit paid members’ access to their profiles. If you do not have a paid membership, your photos may not be displayed. This protects your anonymity by preventing a coworker or family member from mistakenly discovering your profile. To see a photo of the person they’re reading about, they’d have to pay for a membership. ­

When it comes to creating your own profile, you’ll need to start with some basic details. Do you identify as a male or a woman? Are you seeking for a man or a woman to date? What age group are you looking for? What city do you call home? (Some sites only require a zip code, while others may give you the option of selecting from a list of cities.) This is typically the same information you offer when performing a simple search, sometimes known as a “browse.”

Your birthdate and a valid e-mail address may also be included in your basic profile information. Site administrators will contact with you using this address, and some sites enable users to send anonymous messages to this address. When they send you a message, it is routed through the site’s system and redirected to your e-mail address without the other user seeing it. Some websites have their own messaging system that they utilize internally. If you’re really concerned about privacy, you can easily set up a free e-mail address and use it just for your online dating relationships.

The next stage is normally to list your physical characteristics. Height, weight, hair and eye color, and body shape are all frequent questions and some sites even inquire about piercings and tattoos. The procedure becomes extremely detailed at this point. Interests and hobbies, favorite sports, literature, music, movies and how you spend your weekends are all fair game. Questions on whether or not you have children, whether or not you desire children, your religious beliefs and your political views are all more personal. In most cases, pets, occupation, income and living situation are also on the list.

Making Contact

If you decide to become a paid member of a dating site, you can begin contacting other members whose profiles you find appealing. Because you’ve already filled out a lot of information in your profile, these messages don’t need to be extremely long. “Hey, I saw your profile and it appears that we share some mutual interests,” or something similar. Take a peek at my profile and shoot me a message if you’re interested,” is probably enough. It’s up to each user whether they send messages to multiple persons at once or contact one at a time.


After you’ve completed your profile, online dating sites will send you a list of matches, or people with whom they believe you’ll get along. What criteria do they use to determine who should be paired with whom?

The procedure can be quite straightforward at times. Members can tick off a list of qualities or interests on each profile. The site will assign a higher “match percentage” to two profiles with more matching attributes. Some websites, such as, allow users to rank the importance of each attribute. Depending on how important each matching attribute is to the user, it is given a distinct weight. If you favor blondes but have nothing against brunettes and redheads, for example, you might give that attribute a low score.


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