Why Online Dating Is a Bad Idea for Both Men and Women


While many people have found love, others have experienced disastrous relationships. Here are some of the reasons why online dating is a waste of time.

Online dating has been in various forms for decades. Bulletin boards were first, followed by dating websites, and now there are dating apps. In reality, online dating has long since lost its stigma and is now the most common way for couples to meet.

Regardless, online dating is a waste of time. It makes no difference who you are or what you are looking for. It focuses mostly on looks, making it difficult to initiate up new discussions and making it all too simple to be ghosted. Online dating is difficult for both men and women.

Here are some of the reasons why online dating sucks:

1. There’s Too Much Choice

If you had a flirtatious conversation with one person at a party, it would be a fantastic day. You can check out and talk with a seemingly unending stream of people thanks to dating websites and apps. So, how can you tell if you’ve discovered “the one”?

While casting a wide net may appear to be a good idea, there’s a risk of getting overly focused on finding the perfect match; swiping “no” on everyone because you believe there’s someone better out there.

Not only are there a plethora of prospective matches at your fingertips, but there are also far too many free dating sites promising to assist you in your search for love. As a result, you may find yourself moving between applications frequently to keep up with all of your chats. This can be exhausting.

2. It’s Usually All About Appearance

Of course, when it comes to dating, both offline and online, appearance is crucial. It’s only natural to be attracted to people who are physically appealing to you, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Online dating, on the other hand, places a strong emphasis on appearances. Tinder and other such apps are particularly dangerous in this regard, as you may instantly swipe someone left or right based on a single snapshot. You’re out of luck if your images aren’t good. Because they’ve already dismissed you, there’s no way to dazzle them with your personality.

Fortunately, certain dating services are attempting to combat the vanities. Hinge, for example, connects people based on their personalities and likes and allows you to construct a more intriguing and rounded profile to attract more people.

3. Starting Conversations Is Hard

You might have a few pick-up lines stashed away in your sleeve. Maybe a few jokes. Maybe a couple of fascinating facts. Good luck coming up with anything original that the other person hasn’t heard a million times before.

After a while, it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd and start a conversation that’s engaging. Also, unless you’re on an app like Bumble, where women go first, if you’re a man, you’re frequently assumed to be the one doing it.

Furthermore, if you do strike up a conversation, you’ll most likely end up talking about the same things you’ve talked about with everyone else. It quickly becomes monotonous.

4. Ghosting is Commonplace

If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase “ghosting,” it refers to the act of abruptly terminating contact with someone without warning. Ghosting is way too widespread in the realm of online dating.

Ghosting can occur at any point in the relationship, whether it’s while you’re conversing or after you’ve gone on a date, and it occurs because the other person is afraid to acknowledge they don’t want to continue. Obviously, the later it occurs, the more severe the consequences will be.

It would be difficult to suddenly vanish and never see or contact a friend or colleague if you were dating them. Unfortunately, with online dating, it’s all too easy to do just that, leaving the ghosted person bewildered and heartbroken.

5. People Lie to Make Themselves Sound Better

On the internet, lying is incredibly easy, and this includes online dating. However, the amount of the lies can vary greatly.

For example, you could be catfished if someone uses a false identity under severe circumstances. It could also be more subtle, such as appearing to be your age or sharing your interests.

Everyone wants to present themselves in the best light possible, so they’ll use the most flattering photos possible, even if they don’t accurately represent themselves in person. This isn’t a complete untruth, but it is something you should be aware of.

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