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Top LGBTQ+ Dating Sites and Apps

As a homosexual man, I understand how challenging LGBTQ dating can be. You’re either bombarded with cocks on Grindr but not butch enough for Scruff, or you’re forced to join one of the awful straight-only apps.
While some gay dating websites are only focused on sex, sex, and sex… there are some other possibilities for gay men, women, and queer individuals looking for love. There’s still hope.

Many gay dating sites and matchmakers will offer their services to assist people connect and find their soulmates or someone with whom they can have fun from time to time.

Although free gay dating services may not appear to be as promising as those that require a paid subscription, you’d be amazed to learn that some of them can compete with some of the greatest gay dating sites available.
The dating game will be even more exciting in 2021, as the competition between services continues to heat up.

New members continue to sign up, and it is up to the dating sites to get them onto their platforms with the finest offer that will ensure a successful match for everyone who sign up.

Here’s our list of the best 10 gay dating sites and matchmakers to try in 2021 to offer you a better understanding and assist you in your hunt for someone to share precious moments with. is number one.

With over a hundred million members worldwide, is one of the most well-known names in the gay dating market. The matchmaker has been around for a while and has evolved into an exclusive location where many lonely men can discover their soulmates or couples can find people to share their private moments with.
This gay dating service offers a large user base of gay men and women who are eager to share their opinions and explicit stuff, so you can be sure to meet someone who matches your preferences.

However, in order to unlock all of the features, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription of $34.95 each month or $14.95 for a year. (

If you’ve ever been interested in online dating, you’ve probably heard of, which has been there since 2000 and is still relevant in 2021. is a site where all homosexual men and women can find their soulmates, since the majority of members claim to be there to find someone to share their lives with.

Anyone looking for genuine love will find to be an excellent resource for matching with others who share similar interests, which can lead to a happily ever after., like the last site on our list, requires a subscription, and the cheapest premium plan starts at $35.90 for a month.

As previously said, free gay dating sites can be just as good as those that require a paid subscription to use all of the features. is a great example of a gay dating service that is absolutely free for all of its members. You might wonder, “How do they manage to do that?” All of’s revenue comes from the adverts and banner space they sell on their site. It’s a unique approach to money management, and others could learn from it.
Anyone interested in trying their luck at finding their soulmate should give this gay dating service a shot because it is free. is number four on the list.

Let’s have a look at another free matchmaker where you may forego using your credit card and yet take use of all of the services this gay dating site has to offer. is one of the most popular gay dating services in recent years, with many members switching to it exclusively for the purpose of meeting new gay men for free. is the ideal place for anyone who wants to join a rapidly developing community where they may meet other people who share their interests and find the man or woman of their dreams.
We encourage giving this matchmaker a shot because many people can discover happiness in the most unexpected areas on the earth.

Grindr (number 5)

With millions of users sharing over 200 million messages everyday, Grindr is one of the most active websites among the finest gay dating sites.

Slowly, it grew into one of the most popular dating services for gay guys who enjoy sharing their lives with others online.

Members can specify their health on their profile and whether they are HIV positive or not, which is one of the characteristics that sets Grindr apart from its competitors.
To utilize all of Grindr’s premium features, you’ll need to purchase a monthly subscription starting at $13.00 for a basic package.

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