Honda Rebel 500 Superbike Features You Need To Know


The Japanese-based company Honda, came out with yet another mind-blowing superbike (Honda Rebel 500) that was launched in November 2016 in Long Beach, California.

In the words of Toshiyuki Inuma, President of Astra Honda Motor, he described the bike as being “simple” and “raw.

The Modern lines with stylistic elements of the 20th century that describe the motorcycle combine a fresh, blacked-out look with features like a low seat height, lightweight and its narrow 471cc parallel-twin engine with plenty of user-friendly power are what shapes the motorcycle.

Cruising around with Honda Rebel is fun and an enjoyable experience irrespective of the driving mode that one may choose. Some of its features include an LED lighting package new instruments and a slipper/assist clutch that lightens clutch pull. An anti-lock brake comes in handy.

The bike is designed with a low riding position as low as 690mm from the deck. Practically, the bike’s simplicity accounts for its everyday use.

Honda chief designer Keita Mikura has this to say about the product. The Motorcycle, which combines a timeless visual appearance with new, contemporary elements to create its own style: uncomplicated, practical, easy to use and drive, On the one hand, the new Honda Rebel is practically uncomplicated and, on the other hand, the bike is ready for anything the owner wants to do with it.

As a mixture of retro-look and modernity, the exterior components such as chassis and fat tires are kept in a classic and minimalist form, and the technical components behind them are implemented according to modernity.

Below are some of the special features of the Rebel

Styling of the Rebel
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The Rebel comes in blacked-out iconic design giving the engine pieces, frame, and bodywork elements an admirable appearance with an instinctive look. The blacked-out design blends very well with its exhaust system accompanied by its heavy throttling sound.

The Rebel’s instruments take a classic shape as it combines traditional and new digital LCD information. The instruments include a gear-position indicator and a fuel-consumption display.

Lighting Packages
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Rebel 500 features an all-LED lighting package headlight, taillight, turn signals, even the license-plate light as this is the new trend as it is lighter, brighter, and requires fewer lifetime replacements than incandescent bulbs. The lamp is bright and precise, giving the Rebel a character that exudes class.

My Bike and I
The color choice is all yours given Grey Metallic and Matte Pearl White. Either way, your Rebel will look Sparkling at all times. Give your bike the perfect touch it requires of you with custom seat options, a backrest, saddlebags and rear carrier, passenger seat with footpegs kit, backrest, and much, much more.

500 ABS SE Special Offer
The limited-edition of the Rebel 500 ABS, the SE version features some of the most popular accessories installed at the factory such as the Brown Diamond-Stich Seat, Black Fork Boots, Black Upper Fork Covers, and a Black Headlight Cowl a knockout combination that takes your Rebel 500 to the next level.

Rear fender
The Rebel makes use of a steel rear fender that’s either color-matched to the tank or matte black. The steel fender provides solid support for the optional/removable passenger seat.

The Fork
To set the pace for others to follow, your styling must be uncompromised and the Rebel made it all with its fat 41mm fork tubes.

The Suspension
The performance of the Rebel 500 lies solely on its suspension which is why its shocks are nitrogen-filled with a special spring rate.

The front-wheel
The Honda Rebel 500 wide 130/90-16 front tire not only looks great, but it helps provide superior handling and stopping power.


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