Old Ford Trucks And The Technological Advancement Of Today


Ford pickup trucks have contributed so much to the success of the automobile industry by putting up the necessary competition among other automakers. The old ford trucks date back to the 30s through the 90s era. The older versions of trucks from Ford were the simplest to come by as they were both easy to repair and maintain. The technological drive at that time gave room to most of the features that the trucks did possess.

Today, we have more sophisticated and luxurious trucks from the same Ford Company that overshadows the older versions of its creation. This is possible has most enthusiasts no longer see trucks as haulers but as vehicles to cruise around with pleasure. The technological advancement in the 21st century is lovely and welcome but looking back at the trucks that gave birth to the current set of Ford trucks that we have now, one will see a paradigm shift from trucks that were so much reliable, easy to maintain with long-lasting parts and above all, parts, like the engines, in older Ford trucks are simple workhorses. You won’t find complicated turbo-charged anything there.

The greatest challenge with modernity is that the more sophisticated, the more complicated parts become, the more cost you’ll be looking at. The cost of getting the parts and the labor charge will certainly set you back quite a bit. The simplicity of features and parts that the old Ford trucks come with makes them easier to repair should you need to fix them, and it won’t cost you your life savings as some of the newer trucks would. Below are some of the old vibrant creations of Ford that you should know.

1965 Ford F-100 Truck
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The F-100 is one of the finest creations of Ford back in the 60s featuring boxed frame rails and c-notched with custom ladder bars in the back and custom A-arms with Ridetech shocks all around. Power came from a built Ford 460 big-block and rides on a perfectly matched set of Halibrand-inspired 15-inch Injector wheels by Rocket Racing with Nitto NT555 radials. Handling is also enhanced by 11-inch Wilwood disc brakes.

1967 Ford F-100 Ranger
The 1967 Ford F-100 Ranger truck was a truck to behold as it was good to go at any point in time with its complete DJM suspension front and rear with 11-inch Master Power disc brakes at all four corners, to a pitch-perfect interior with Dakota Digital gauges. This truck has undergone a lot of transformation to get to what it is today.

1930 Ford AA Dump Truck
A rare 1930 AA dump truck on the standard 1311/2-inch wheelbase offers steel disc wheels adopted by heavy-duty Ford trucks during the 1929 model year, as well as the available dual rear wheels. Under the hood of 1930, Ford AA Dump Truck comes a 200-cubic-inch, 40-horsepower four-cylinder engine similar to that used in contemporary Model A cars, but it’s mated to a four-speed transmission (vs. a three-speed) for a wider range of gear ratios.

1989 Ford F-350
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1989 version of the F-350 has plenty of power and torque to perform many heavy-duty tasks. The truck features a 7.3-liter diesel engine that has an output of 185 hp. Accompanied by a 5-speed manual transmission. Relate this power to today’s turbo-charged performance of around 430 hp then it doesn’t measure up but then its 185 hp was outstanding in the 80s.

1990 Ford F-150
Ford has a Slogan “Built Ford Tough.” This is truly seen in its old trucks such as the Ford F-150 truck that boasts of a 4.9-liter straight-six engine used for farm, ranch, or work-site jobs. The engine is capable of generating 150 hp with 280-lb-ft of torque. Its performance then and now is still very much outstanding. With some decent TLC, the older trucks can last a lifetime, thus saving you a ton of money in the long run.

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