Price of Unvaccinated Sperm Today


Unvaccinated men should ‘set the price’ of their sperm, according to Gillian McKeith

Gillian McKeith is back with her stupid anti-vaxx Covid denial speech, but this time she’s made a peculiar request on Twitter that has everyone both appalled and scratching their brains.

The 62-year-old shared a GIF of sperm swimming on Twitter before encouraging unvaccinated men to “name your price” — implying that unvaccinated men’s sperm is more valuable than vaccinated men’s sperm.

“You can name your fee if you have a non-jabbed version of what you see here!” #HoldTheLine “Your country is counting on you!” she sent out a tweet

Does Covid Vaccine Have any Effect on Sperm?

Of course, there isn’t a shred of proof to back this up. According to Forbes, a research comparing the sperm of males before and after receiving the Covid vaccine found that the vaccine has no effect on sperm. Male fertility was measured using four factors: sperm concentration, sperm motility, total motile sperm count, and semen volume.

McKeith, though, seemed unfazed, urged unvaccinated males to complete their “due to your country and the future of humanity” in another tweet.

“Women who haven’t been jabbed!” You possess a highly valuable commodity. Do your duty to your country and humanity’s future by #HoldTheLine. With the hashtag “#HoldTheLine,” she continued, “We are counting on you.”

McKeith continued her bizarre ramblings by incorrectly identifying unjabbed guys as the “control group,” which she thinks is “important” for “all kinds of reasons” (which she certainly didn’t list).

Of course, McKeith’s spreading disinformation regarding sperm and Covid vaccinations drew a lot of criticism on Twitter.

Dr. Julia Grace Patterson, who, unlike McKeith, is a licensed physician, slammed McKeith’s tweets, calling them “health misinformation” and “dangerous.”

Others, including a doctor, have pointed out that McKeith lacks medical credentials and thus credibility when it comes to dispensing Covid-related health advice, such as asking unvaccinated men to sell their sperm…

Reactions to the claim by McKeith

Others who clicked to find out why McKeith was trending on Twitter were appalled by the explanation and wished they hadn’t clicked.

People were irritated by McKeith’s newest move, and they let it be known.

“The most bizarre antivaxxer belief is that they’ll be able to wank their way to millionaire status overnight.”

While some were able to poke fun at McKeith, referring to reality star Gemma Collins’ famous line “F**k off Gillian McKeith” and the fact that she is known as the “poo lady” for her nutrition analysis methods, others were unable to do so. Maybe she’s seeking for a new moniker?

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