How to Lace Oxfords Shoes: How to tie your shoes when in a hurry


How to Lace Oxfords & Tie Men’s Dress Shoes

If you’re in a hurry to get dressed and need to tie your shoes in a pinch, this article is for you. With a little practice and the right technique, tying your own shoes can be done quickly and it will save you time when both hands are needed for something else.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of an important task and not being able to tie your shoes. This article outlines how to lace oxfords and tie men’s dress shoes with either an “elastic” or “bow” knot.

There are also instructions on how to easily slip into your shoes if they’re too tight. This way, you’ll never have to worry again about looking disheveled while rushing out the door.

Here we go!

What you’ll need

Elastic shoe laces or bow, and a pair of shoes.

One of the most difficult things about getting dressed in a hurry is trying to get your shoes on. It seems like it would be easy, but for some reason it’s impossible for many people. If you need to tie your shoes quickly and don’t want to use your hands, these are the steps you’ll want to follow:

Start by taking one shoe off and tying it using a “bow” knot (right)

Next, take your left shoe and lace them up using an “elastic” knot (left).

Basics of tying a shoe

Before we get into tying your shoes, let’s talk about some of the important basics.

First, don’t tie your shoes too tight. Your shoe should feel snug but not overly tight; it should fit your foot, not the other way around.

Next, make sure you use a shoe horn to help you slip your foot into the shoe so that you can easily tie the knot. You can also use a piece of paper or cardboard to help you take up extra space in the shoe and increase its height for tying.

Lastly, try practicing with a few different types of knots on some cardboard before trying them on with your shoes. This way you’ll know what works best for each type of knot and will be able to tie them quickly without any mistakes.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s go ahead and talk about how to tie these knots!

How to tie a shoe with an “elastic” knot

Step 1: Start by making a loop with the laces.

Step 2: Take the right shoe, thread it through the loop, and pull it tight.

Step 3: Cross the lace over the top of the left shoe and pull both shoes tight.

Step 4: Take the left shoe, cross it over the right shoe, and pull both shoes tight.

Step 5: Now take both shoes and tie them together tightly with an “elastic” knot from Step 1.

Here’s how to tie a shoe with a “bow” knot

Step 1: Start by making a loop with one lace.

Step 2: Thread your foot through that loop and pull it tight.

Step 3: Tie your other lace into an overhand knot just above where you made that first one.

Step 4: Take that original knot, put it back down into its original position, and then take your other lace and make an overhand knot at that same point on top of it.

Here’s how to slip into your shoes quickly after tying them

Don’t let your shoes pinch you! If they’re too tight on any part of your foot or ankle, you can use this method to easily get in without hurting

How to tie a shoe with a “bow” knot

If your shoe has an elastic at the back, follow these simple steps:

1. Drape the shoe over your hand and thread a shoelace through the loop at the back of the shoe.

2. Tie a knot in one end of the lace, then pull it tight to create a loop on top of the lace loop.

3. Thread the other end through this loop, then tighten it by pulling on both ends together.

Put your left foot in the shoe and pull the laces tight

with your right hand

With your left foot in the shoe, pull the laces tight with your right hand. This will create a loop on top of the shoe, which will help you wrap them around the top of your lace holes and your ankle.

Pull up the right lace and make a small loop at the bottom of your foot

Start by lacing up your shoe, left over right. Take a small step back and pull the lace half way through so that it’s not fully pulled through.

Tie a knot in the top of the lace.

Tighten your shoelaces, making sure there is no slack in them. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally tie this knot wrong with too much slack in your laces.

Make a loop at the bottom of your foot and then tighten the knot to create a “bow” for tying your shoe together.

Secure the bow with another knot like shown above, but make sure you pull tight on it from both sides.

Pull the right side over the left side and place it over the top of your heel

Start with the right side of your shoe. You’ll want to put your heel on the left side of the shoe, which will help you pull the last loop through this section.

Then, take a small step toward your other foot so that you’re standing on top of the loop as it loops over the top of your heel.

Continue pulling the right side over and placing it over the left side and down before continuing to pull up and tighten it around your ankle.

Hold on to both sides of the loop and tighten them by pulling down toward your toes

Place the loop over your left foot and cross it over to the right.

Grab both ends of the loop and pull them down to tighten.

How to tie a shoe

STEP 1: Start by placing one shoe on top of the other and facing in the same direction.

STEP 2: Cross the laces of your left foot over the laces of your right foot.

STEP 3: Now bring your left lace over to the right lace and cross it under the right lace.

STEP 4: Tie a knot with the laces that you just crossed over.

STEP 5: Take both laces for your left foot and pass them under your right foot’s lace, then go back around and tie a knot with them as well.

STEP 6: Repeat these steps for the other shoe, ensuring that both shoes are tied equally.

The Main Idea

Tying your shoes can be a quick and easy task when you know the right technique. This article will walk you through the steps of tying your oxfords and dress shoes using either an “elastic” or “bow” knot, as well as how to tie them in if they’re too tight.

How to Lace Oxfords and Tie Men’s Dress Shoes

Elastic Knot:

Step 1: Tie the shoe on the laces.

Step 2: Place your finger into the loop at the top of the lace and pull it down to make a loop.

Step 3: Now, slide your middle finger under the loop created in step two and push it up against your thumb. Make sure that you are holding onto this loop with your thumb and middle finger.

Step 4: Loop your index over the top of your middle finger, making sure that you’re holding onto it with one hand as well. You should now have three fingers wrapped around one lace each.

Step 5: Wrap both hands around the shoe, making sure that you’re gripping tightly enough for your knot to stay put, then pull down on these three loops until they reach their original locations above the shoe.

Bow Knot:

Step 1: Cross one lace over another and pull slightly so that they are tight enough that they’ll not slip through each other’s fingers when pulled tight. This will create a smaller loop than if you were to tie them simply by pulling on them.

Step 2: Now wrap both laces back over themselves and hold them in place with one hand while wrapping

How to Slip into Your Shoes if They’re Too Tight

If your shoes are too tight, try slipping your foot into the shoe first. This will allow you to expand the shoe and get it over your foot. Then you can lace it up and tighten the laces as needed.

You may also choose to tie your shoes with an elastic or bow knot depending on how loose or snug the shoe is when you slip your foot in. If you want a more structured look, lace them up tighter with a bow knot. If you want more comfort and freedom of movement, lace them up looser with an elastic knot.


If you’re looking for a quick lacing technique for oxfords, simply tie the shoe’s lace in a bow knot. Make sure that the shoes are laced up the same way every time, and that there is enough slack in the laces to easily slip into them.

When tying your shoes with an elastic knot, make sure that you have enough lace left on one side of the shoe to tighten around your ankle once it’s pulled through.

If your shoes are too tight, try loosening your shoelaces by pulling out about an inch of lace and then re-tying them. It should allow you to slip into your shoes with ease.

Lacing an oxford

Start by tying a knot in the lace at the top of your shoe. Make sure to wrap it around at least 3 times before pulling on your laces. Now, start rolling the lace up towards you (left to right). Keep doing this until the end of the lace is just below where you started wrapping it.

In order to make a loop, bring one end of the lace over the other and under itself. Do this twice and then pull tight, making sure that both ends are even with each other.

Now, put your first toe into the loop and pull it towards you (right to left), keeping your toes nice and straight so that they don’t curl. Finally, tighten up all loose sections of lace to finish off your knot.

Tie an “elastic” or “bow” knot for dress shoes

To tie a bow-knot for men’s dress shoes , start by tying a small knot in one end of your shoelace, about an inch from one end. Bring one side of the lace over its counterpart and under itself twice before pulling tight on both sides of the knot. Now take one side of the now-taut lace in one hand and wrap it around once or twice before bringing

The elastic knot

The elastic knot is a fast and easy way to tie your shoes. It is used in most shoes that require laces (oxfords, dress shoes, boots).

Start by tying a basic knot on one shoe. The knot should be tight enough so that you can easily slide one lace through it.

Take your second lace and cross it over the first two laces about one inch away from the first pair of laces.

Then cross the second lace back under the first two laces again in the opposite direction from before.

Continue pulling on these three pairs of laces until they are completely straight, with each pair being pulled towards the front of the shoe.

Once all three pairs of laces have been pulled as straight as possible, take each set of three and pull them together so that they form a loop around your index finger.

Thread your index finger through each loop until you reach its end, then pull it down on top of your thumb to create a “notch” at its end.  Pull these loops up towards the front of your shoe while holding onto its other side.

Once you’ve pulled these loops up to where they meet at their “notches,”

The bow knot

Lacing up your oxfords is a bit more complicated than lacing up dress shoes because you’re dealing with two strings. That being said, it’s still easy to do.

For the first loop, take one lace and cross it over the other two laces on the shoe. This will create a loop on the bottom left side of the shoe. Then take the lace across from that loop and tie a second loop at the back of the shoe. Finally, take that second lace across from that second loop and tie it in front of the heel of your shoe to make an elastic knot. It should look like this:

Next, pull on both laces and bring them together to tighten up your bow knot. You’ll notice that some slack has been taken up in each lace, so when you pull them together they’ll tighten up from there. If you want to create an even tighter bow knot, just hold on to one end of one lace for a few seconds before pulling them both together.

Finally, reach down into each leg opening and hold on to each lace tightly while pulling them all tight at once. Now put your foot back into your shoe and tie off any excess ends around the top of your shoe with another

Lacing a men’s dress shoe

Lacing a men’s dress shoe with an “elastic” knot:

  • Hold the lace in your left hand and wrap it around the base of your right thumb (your thumb should be on top of the lace).
  • Bring the lace over your left hand, under the base of your index finger and up to where you want it to be.
  • Wrap the lace around two fingers and then slide it back down for a second time.
  • Repeat this until you get where you want the lace to sit, then tighten it as much as possible.
  • Once you’re finished tying a knot, give yourself a pat on the back and keep going!

Pull the right side over the left side and place it over the top of your heel

Tie the shoelace in a simple overhand knot (instead of an “elastic” or “bow” knot) and pull the right side over the left side and place it over the top of your heel.

Hold on to both sides of the loop and tighten them by pulling down toward your toes

Begin by holding both sides of the loop in one hand and taking the shoe lace with your other hand. Tie a knot by putting the loop over your thumb.

Now, make two loops out of the shoe lace by tying a knot around it twice. This will create a “U” shape when you look at it from above.

Take the left loop and hold it near where it is tied, then take the right loop and put it on top of where the left loop was.

Pull down on both loops to tighten them.

Tips for getting into tight shoes

For the first step, take the shoe off. Then, pinch the lace at the front of the shoe using your thumb and index finger. Keep your fingers flat against each other so you can feel where they meet in order to pinch. Bend down as if you’re tying your own shoes and use your thumbs to pull up on both ends of the shoelace at once.

Next, loop your thumbs around one end of the shoelace and use them to guide it through the hole in your fingers. Use those same thumbs to grasp each end of the lace and keep them tight together as you slowly pull them apart from each other.

Once you’ve got a bit of slack in the lace, slip that loop over one of your little fingers and pull it tight with that finger so that it springs back into place on top of your thumb (left picture). When it’s done being pulled tight, make sure that it doesn’t get caught on any skin or hang out over any bone by pressing lightly on top of its ball (right picture).

Now do the same thing with your middle finger (left picture) except this time, leave a little extra slack in between loops so they don’t catch when they spring back into place. When

Tying men’s dress shoes with an “elastic” knot

To lace oxfords with a “bow” knot, place the shoe on the ball of your foot, take the first lace in your left hand and loop it over the last two laces. Then take that same lace and loop it around the top of your right foot.

Next, cross this first lace over your opposite foot’s first lace and make a second loop around the top of that same foot. Next, take that same first lace and thread it through the loop from before so that you have a second loop coming from each side of your shoe. Finally, tie these two loops together to form a bow knot.

How to tie your shoes when in a hurry

Step 1: Find your shoes

Choose the shoe you’re going to tie. If it’s a lace, try using an elastic knot. If it’s a bow, use a bow knot.

Step 2: Put on your shoe and find the end of the lace or bow

Step 3: Place the tip of your forefinger on the tongue of your shoe and slide down, catching all of the loops in one hand

Step 4: Now, hold with one hand as you pull up with the other, keeping tension on each loop to create an elastic knot or bow knot

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