An Overview of Mobile Games – How to Improve Your Brain Power


In this zero size & freaking fitness era, people are more inclined towards physical health and less concerned about mental health. Our brain works 24 hours and it needs more energy to remain healthy, like the body, the brain also needs some exercises to improve and function properly.

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That’s why it is necessary to engage with some innovative strategies and Brain Games to improve our mental health. As physical games benefit the body, Mind Games benefit the brain & mental health.   

Overview of Mobile Games

Brain Training Games such as Chess were used by royals to boost their memory. In this technological era, this process has shifted from the real to the virtual world. Now, mobile games based on mind pieces of training are launched to boost the memory, concentration, and focus of players.

Parents use to scold their children for playing mobile games because they assume that mobile games affect their memory. Yes, they do affect memory but in a positive way. Mobile games like puzzles enhance the different areas of the brain. They help in improving reflexes and accuracy. They boost the speed and coordination of the brain.  

Let us take an overview of mobile games that help boost your brainpower.

Brain Games: Puzzle for Adults

Brain Games: Puzzle for adults is a mind training game for adults. It provides smart and complex puzzles that sharpen the memory. You can test your IQ level through designed exercises for checking intelligence. It contains reflex and logic puzzles to improve reflexes and reasoning skills.

Calculations and mental mathematics boost thinking skills. It contains exercises related to physics that give more boost to mental health. The categories of this mind games application help in improving the brain’s focus and ability to think fast. It helps in improved retention and logic. Brain Games help players to improve cognitive abilities and enhance concentration levels. 


Elevate is a mind game that not only improves the brain but also the speaking skills of users. It helps to improve your critical cognitive skills and boost your productivity. Features of this application include 40+ Brain Games, performance tracking, personalized workouts, adaptive progression, and workout achievements. These games help in achieving the goals in daily life by sharpening mental abilities.

Reversi App

Reversi is designed on classic Brain Games such as Ludo and Chess. Features of this game contain a user-friendly interface and difficulty levels. It gives the ability to play with more than one player. These games can improve intelligence and logical thinking in users.

Brain it On

It contains challenging puzzles related to physics. They are not for beginners because they have an increased difficulty level. This feature made this application more interesting and boosts the cognitive skills of users. 

Improvement of mental health with Brain Games

Brain Games are created in such a way that they not only give you a sense of joy but also improve your memory. They increase the abilities and capabilities of the brain. Games such as puzzles and calculations are like a boost to your brain.

They help in improving the brain in the following ways:

Improves Focus

Brain games help in maintaining focus and performing multitasks. Playing online brain games that activate different parts of the brain is a great method for all ages to improve their attention span and polish their intellect. The visual sense of the eyes gets a boost and helps in increased focus. This improved focus helps in brain productivity and power. These games help in increased attention span and problem-solving skills. 

Enhances Memory

Smart Brain Games provide mind training programs that help improve memory. It boosts cognitive skills that help in reminding the data, images, and color. It does not only improve short-term memory but has a positive impact on long-term memory. It helps in remembering numbers, digits, and alphabets.

Daily exercises provided by mobile games empower memory and cognitive abilities. It improves the episodic memory of gamers and helps them recall things easily.  So, it results in fewer mistakes and better performance. 

Improves Concentration

Mind Games improve concentration and speed of thinking. The puzzles and number games are organized in such a way that tests the concentration of game players. This improved concentration boosts planning and analytical skills. It gives extra conditioning to the brain and helps the players to remain organized. 

Sharpens the Brain

Brain Training Games consist of challenges that can keep the brain active and working. It helps inactive memory and boosts cognitive function. The brain of game players become sharper and they pick things more easily. Mind Games players are more active and sharp than other fellows. They became active in academics as well as in offices.


Brain Games are essential to make the brain sharp, focused, and concentrated on the tasks. They emphasize the multi-function abilities to perform different tasks at one time. The scheduled practice of these Mind Games can help in our daily life activities and give energy to our brain. Hence, we can remain more focused on our tasks and be able to retain important things properly.

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