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Is Online Dating the Best Way To Make Friends?

No, I’m not referring to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter (although those can work, too). Dating apps aren’t just for hooking up or finding the love of your life, believe it or not. They’re not only a great method to meet new people, but they’re also a great way to make friends. What evidence do I have? I’ve been there and done it on numerous occasions. Despite the fact that I’ve never found a significant relationship through the apps (I’m still single), I’ve made and retained more friends than I can count on two hands in the previous few years. Please consider what I’m saying. Here are seven (7) ways dating apps can improve your life in ways that aren’t romantic.

1. Meet Platonic Friends

Why do you think dating apps have incorporated non-romantic relationship sub-platforms over time? We’ve seen the emergence of Bumble BFF, Tinder Social, and a slew of other firms that have added friends-finding features to their applications.

Jackie, one of my closest friends, and I met on Bumble in 2015. She was one of the first individuals on my front doorstep after learning of my ex-death, boyfriend’s despite only knowing each other for a month. Needless to say, we’ve been close since she gave that lovely aloe plant on that fateful day, and we’ve been there for one other as we worried on planes, moved into new places, and started new jobs. I’m ecstatic to have met her, and I owe a debt of gratitude to Bumble for allowing me to meet her in the first place.

2. Get a Local Guide to a New City

I’ve utilized dating apps to locate locals (or “tour guides,” as I’ve oh-so-kindly dubbed them) to grab meals and beverages with on work travels that take me out of state. Jenna took me to a fantastic vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, while Nick toured me around Toronto. I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate these new destinations as a resident if we hadn’t matched.

As a solitary female traveler, meeting strangers in unfamiliar places was a significant risk, and it needed a lot of faith in them not to catfish me and draw me into unsafe terrain, but that’s why you should take your matches seriously and carefully. Thankfully, I’m still alive to tell the tale today, and I’ve gained some new memories to go with with it.

3. Get an Antidote for Modern-Day Isolation

Through online dating, I’ve met a lot of people that I’ve continued to email, follow on social media, and get out with over the years—all because we happened to meet on the apps. We may not have clicked romantically or sexually, and we may not have gone into the setting with that goal in mind, but we nevertheless managed to form strong platonic bonds.

4. Overcome Shyness

It’s difficult to meet new people nowadays, especially if you don’t go out to clubs on weekends or skip happy hours after work. Joining organizations, gyms, and taking up group-oriented activities are all good methods to meet others who share your interests, but what if you’re shy or don’t have the funds to pay for lessons or memberships? Make use of dating apps.

5. Reignite Your Faith in Humanity

Matching with strangers online is an opportunity to get to know new individuals on a personal level, regardless of why you use dating apps. That’s what happens when you shift your goal, open your mind, widen your expectations, and share personal information with individuals who don’t care whether they take it or not. You make unexpected connections with people. You start to care about each other and develop feelings for each other. You meet new people. And the world feels smaller, kinder, and more welcoming all of a sudden.

6. Recover from Heartbreak

So it’s possible that your relationship has come to an end. Your ego has been damaged, your confidence in love has been shaken, and the last thing on your mind is to start over. Dating apps are a terrific way to ease yourself back into the dating pool at your own pace. You can browse the field in silence, engage in light banter, practice your flirting skills, or simply bask in the ego boost that comes from individuals expressing interest. Dating apps can be used for a variety of reasons other than romantic relationships as long as you’re honest and don’t lead others on.

7. Make Out-of-Town Contacts

Despite the fact that Kevin and I have never met in person, we’ve kept in touch since we matched three years ago. We almost met when I was in his neighborhood, but I was too inebriated and missed his texts. Oops. But that’s beside the point. He lives in New Jersey, and I live in New York, but since we met in 2016, we’ve been supporting one other from afar. I’ve been his biggest supporter as he’s progressed from a college student to an accounting manager at one of the most popular casinos, where I also enjoy playing penny slots. He’s been a huge part of my support system while I’ve bounced about between full-time work and freelance writing positions.

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