2022 Lucid Air Features You Need To Know


The 2022 Lucid Air is the debut vehicle from the American EV startup Lucid Motors.
The luxury sedan comes in a sleek all-electric package, boasting a thrilling acceleration with an estimated top speed of 217 mph. This high-end luxury sedan is set out to topple Tesla with its autonomous and semi-autonomous driving technologies.

The Air is also equipped with interesting new tech, such as two-way charging that allows you to use the car as a battery for your house. We will soon meet the air on the street as Lucid has promised its dream edition launch model will hit the first customer hands by the end of October.

2022 Lucid Air – The Dream Edition will be limited to only 520 units which represent the car’s EPA-estimated 520 miles of range. This new entry in the auto world is certainly made for the rich as the price is expected to start around $77,400 for an entry-level model (before tax credits). Let’s briefly look at some other features of the Air.

The Air’s Different Trim Levels
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The Air comes in with a Dream Edition model and Grand Touring model. The Dream Edition is available in two trims: the 1,111-horsepower Performance model with 471 miles of range and the 933-horsepower Range trim that offers 520 miles of range. The Grand Touring offers an EPA-estimated 516 miles of range. Eventually, Lucid will offer a Touring Trim and a base-level Pure trim.

The Air’s Elegant Interior
The presence of a screen-heavy interior that features few physical controls characterizes most of the new EVs and luxury vehicles and the Air fit in so well in this class. This luxury sedan features a steering wheel with a traditional turn-signal stalk and a column-mounted shifter.

A volume knob and basic climate controls are sandwiched between two touchscreens. The two screens are the upper and lower touchscreens. The upper is the primary infotainment screen displaying things like navigation and media controls and is an extension of the instrument panel cluster.

The lower screen offers more in-depth control of the climate system and drive mode menu. You can also swipe information from the upper screen to the lower if you want more real estate to navigate through the menus. Touch-sensitive controls for the lights, door locks, and windshield wipers are located on a panel to the left of the gauges.

2022 Lucid Air – The back seat isn’t that spacious but there’s still ample room to stretch out. Due to the Air’s design that sees the four batteries powering the car sent to the rear compartment, the rear seats get a little close to the floor. The sloping roofline also affects the headroom especially with tall people on board the Air. The Air’s cargo-carrying space is second to none on the EV class today. The front trunk is massive as well as the traditional trunk is also quite large. The Dream Edition will come in a five-seat configuration, as the later models will be available in a four-seat layout with a control panel in the rear.

The Air’s Tech
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The Air will come standard with a full suite of advanced driving aids that Lucid calls DreamDrive. It includes such features as adaptive cruise control, lane centering, and automatic parking. These are all par for the course for luxury vehicles currently, but Lucid is also equipping the Air with future-proofing hardware including high-resolution lidar. The idea is that once the software is finalized, Lucid will beam over-the-air updates to enhance the car’s automated driving capabilities. Lucid is aiming for the Air to achieve Level 3 autonomy during the Air’s life cycle. Level 3 means the car can perform automated driving but the driver must be ready to take over at all times.

The Lucid Air will be the first production automobile to feature a Dolby Atmos-enabled audio system. While big-budget movies have been Atmos-enabled for years, albums and songs have only recently started to make use of the additional height channels. The Air also boasts a 21-speaker Surreal Sound system.

Performance and the Impressive Range
The Lucid Air utilizes a skateboard platform and up to three electric motors for varying levels of power and range. A Lucid Air Grand Touring is expected to deliver 800 hp, 885 lb-ft of torque, and an impressive 0-60 mph time of 3.0 seconds.

For the range, the Lucid Air makes nearly 500 miles as its EPA numbers read 520 miles for the 933-hp Air Dream Edition R on 19-inch wheels, or 481 miles if it’s riding on 21s. If you want maximum performance, go for the Air Dream Edition P, packing an astounding 1,111 horses. The range for that model is 471 miles with 19-inch wheels and 451 miles for the 21-inch wheels

Charging Functionality
Experiencing the Air’s real-world 490-mile electric range is fantastic but all that battery wouldn’t do you much good if it took days to charge. That shouldn’t be an issue for Lucid. If you can find yourself a 350-kW Electrify America charger, the Air’s 900-volt electrical architecture enables you to add 300 miles worth of electrons in just 20 minutes. Tesla’s EVs max out at a charging rate of 250 kW.

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