Here Comes Some Of 2022 Coolest Cars Bound To Be Release


2022 Coolest Cars – The auto world is picking up its pieces after the covid-19 pandemic. It is very possible to believe that most car brand engineers spent the pandemic period designing cars to the best of their ability and patiently waiting for the world to be rescued from the rampaging Covid-19 so that they can sell to the world, the master class concept they developed.

2022 will see not just an introduction of some exciting new models, but also some exciting new brands that promise to transform the car industry just as Tesla did over 10 years ago. Most of the new manufacturers specialized in EV models. We are to see a range of supercars, superminis, hybrids, and hot hatchbacks. Below are some of the masterpieces that will certainly turn heads in and have tongue wagging in 2022.

Rivian R1T
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Here comes one of the new comes in the auto business. The production of exciting all-electric pickup and SUVs for customers from the Rivian has begun. Due to the huge pre-order list from the US, Rivian is trying to satisfy the US market. But it has plans to offer its models in Europe in time, where the R1S and R1T are destined to revolutionize their respective markets just like Tesla did. This is one of the most widely capable and coolest out-of-town vehicles coming out in 2022.

Lucid Air
Where the Rivian is about to transform one end of the motoring landscape, the Lucid Air is about to transform the other. This Tesla Model S rival takes the same foundations of being a large, luxury all-electric saloon but puts a new spin on things, with a stunning design and groundbreaking range.

This next generation of electric vehicles has rivals from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW well in hand, and while the new Plaid might have the numbers and a funny steering wheel, the Lucid Air is another step forward for EVs, doing things in its fashion, but not to the detriment of the driving experience.

Unfortunately, Lucid is also focused on covering its US-based build-up of orders, but we expect Europe’s EV-friendly legislation to be a big draw for the Air to be brought over sooner rather than later.

Morgan Plus 8 GTR
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The first of nine “gloves-off” roadsters, built from unused Plus 8 chassis (understood to have been reacquired by Morgan following the unsuccessful revival of Bristol Motors) has been completed. The rest are due in the next few months. All use a BMW V8 pumping out close to 400bhp, which can be paired to a manual gearbox – making this a proper last-of-its-kind Brit brawler.

Alpine A110
Here comes the facelift for Renault’s lightweight sports coupé which is centered on specification tweaks. Entry-level cars continue to focus on lightness, while the step-up GT gets 296bhp. The flagship A110 S keeps its sportier focus and more dramatic aero package. The biggest upgrades are inside the cabin, with a new infotainment system that brings Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53
AMG’s first fully electric performance car is here to topple Porsche Taycan Turbo S with a dual-motor set-up offering up to 751bhp. This limousine visual change might be minimal compared to the regular EQS, with a bespoke front grille being the most obvious. AMG-specific tuning of the motors and steering is certainly going to bring in some dynamism that only the AMG can provide.

Lexus NX
2022 Coolest Cars – Lexus’s best-seller ushers in PHEV power for its second generation. Exterior styling is more evolution than revolution, but the interior has been overhauled with a big focus on technology and ease of use, courtesy of a large touchscreen infotainment display. A regular hybrid will follow shortly after.


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