Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 Features You Need To Know


Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 – The name Essenza translates to “Essence” in English while the SC stands for “Squadra Corsa,” an Italian manufacturer motorsport division. Squadra Corsa is responsible for developing Lamborghini’s GT3 race cars, as well as running the Super Trofeo one-make series that exclusively features Huracán Super Trofeo Evo race cars competing in 50-minute sprint races.

The Essenza SCV12 is yet another super race car made for Lamborghini’s wealthiest customers. Lamborghini is known for producing excellent supercars although most of them only end up in the garage of the very rich just like the Essenza. Lamborghini only made 40 Essenzas at a whopping 2.2 million euros price tag before local taxes. As with every other expensive product from the brand, the 40 units were all sold with its U.S. buyers paying whatever the dollar-to-euro exchange rate was on the day of their transaction just to own this beast. At this moment, the price would be nearly $2.5 million if you could still get one from the factory.

The Essenza SCV12 comes with a fully sequential but still part-automated six-speed X-Trac racing gearbox, the car’s carbon-fiber tub and wheelbase have been significantly extended to accommodate the new transmission. Sadly, none of the 40 units produced will ever compete, despite being fully approved by the FIA for endurance racing. The Essenza is designed to cater for the desires of Lamborghini’s wealthiest customers that a regular Aventador SVJ is simply not enough.

The Interior
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Being a race car, the racing seat clamps you in position almost as well as the six-point harness, and in front of you sits not so much a steering wheel as a lever with two handles on either side of it, plus a sea of buttons sprinkled all around its edges and across its center.

To have the most out of the Essenza when it comes to performance, these buttons allow you to select from one of 12 different traction control settings, 12 different ABS modes, five different engine modes, a range of power steering settings, and a variety of calibrations for the pre-load of the mechanical limited-slip differential.

The Chassis
The Essenza’s carbon chassis is based on that of the Lamborghini Aventador, only the lower part of the monocoque is similar, the company says, with 60 percent of the chassis redesigned to hit the safety targets and comply with FIA standards. The front and rear frames, suspension, gearbox, and electronics were developed specifically for this car.

The Lamborghini Essenza SCV12 is a purpose-built race car, though it isn’t homologated for competition in any actual racing series. But that was the point: to build a track car unrestricted by the typical performance-limiting rules that govern global GT racing. The Essenza is a bit of a rolling laboratory, a GT-style race car with a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis built to existing Le Mans Prototype safety standards.

Lamborghini gifted the Essenza SCV12 carbon cage that is integrated within the monocoque structure as compared to a typical GT race car that uses a steel roll cage. This is a solution you’ll see down the road on actual racing-homologated GT contenders. Lamborghini gave more preference to safety, working with the FIA international motorsports’ governing body to develop Essenza’s safety technology beyond what today’s GT rules require.

The Engine and its Performance
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Behind the seats, but in front of the gearbox, sits the SCV12’s main attraction, a 6.5-liter atmospheric V12 engine. This produces 819bhp at 8500rpm but will rev to a deafeningly magnificent 8750rpm before the limiter intrudes. Torque is rated at 560lb-ft at 7000rpm.

The V12 merely sits in a separate sub-frame at the back. The X-Trac sequential gearbox is a fully stressed member, however, and this sits behind the engine, unlike in the regular Aventador in which the gearbox is located directly behind the rear seats.

This clearly explained why the car is longer than the Aventador with a wheelbase of 2905mm compared to the 2700mm in the Aventador. However, the designers at Centro Stile told Pirro right from the start that they wanted to create a car with a longer tail that was more dramatic in profile.

Lamborghini says it wasn’t fussed about making a car with the best 0-62mph time or the highest top speed, the aim instead was to make a very fast track car whose prime objective was to be as enjoyable as possible – and relatively easy – to drive. Even so, the rear-wheel-drive SCV12 will still hit 62mph in well under 3sec – they are not specific about how much – while its top speed is well beyond 210mph, despite the huge rear wing.


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