Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost, An Element Of Individuality


Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost – Mansory is a tuning company that specializes in high-end luxury cars is no stranger to modifying Rolls-Royce cars. Whether it’s a good one or a bad one depends on how you judge the tuner’s creations. The company unlike other companies with the same mode of operation takes a subtler approach and tries to be more focused on looks than performance. That’s what it did with the new luxury Rolls-Royce Ghost, offering a new Launch Edition model that adds just a handful of upgrades without drastically changing the car’s design.

Give it to Mansory because after tuning, the result is a Mansory Ghost that doesn’t look too wildly different from the stock version. Mansory pairs a dark exterior with gold accents and an orange interior, which sits on the tuner’s 22-inch V6 wheels. Other exterior upgrades include a carbon-fiber rear decklid spoiler and a carbon-fiber hood bar. Inside, Mansory continues its restrained makeover with a sport steering wheel that boasts the turner’s logo in the center. The interior doesn’t look wildly different from the standard Rolls. Let take a closer look at the Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost.

The Exterior
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Mansory came up with a complete body conversion consisting of full carbon parts for the Rolls exterior. This includes a new bonnet, integrated lip in the front with side flaps, side skirts, air outlets on the fenders, and a boot and roof spoiler that is complemented by a rear diffuser. Mansory brought in an added ambiance provided by a radiator grille that illuminates discreetly but effectively in the respective color of choice in perfect harmony with the color concept of the respective conversion. The presence of the design is further enhanced by a set of 22-inch V.6 design alloy wheels finished in a glossy black cast.

The Interior
The interior of the Ghost is really where Mansory showed class and quality. Since individuality is the way to go in the 21st century. The interior now features Orange Mandarin highlights across the cabin as well as covering the carbon-fiber steering wheel and center armrest. Mansory also added an ambient LED system to the seats, door panels, and dashboard, most likely to make you believe that you’re sleeping because we’d only do this to a Rolls-Royce in our wildest nightmares.

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Mansory is a tuner more focused on looks than performance, so this Ghost doesn’t have any significant performance upgrades. However, Mansory does add a sport exhaust system. That’s unlikely to change its output. Power comes from a 6.8-liter V12 that produces 563 horsepower (420 kilowatts) and 627 pound-feet (850 Newton-meters) of torque. That’s a lot of power, though it’s moving a hefty machine. The new Ghost tips the scales at 5,628 pounds (2,552 kilograms), though it can still hustle to 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in an impressive 4.5 seconds.

Rolls Royce is not as numerous as other luxury cars and owning one is a privilege. Only a handful of these British ultra-luxury land yachts are produced every year and you need to be rather wealthy to afford one. Like in most other aspects of life these days, owning the best simply isn’t enough anymore. Even the best cars, watches, and private jets need an element of individuality, and the high-end luxury Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost perfectly exemplifies the capitalist urge.



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