Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster Features You Need To Know


Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster  – The Cinque hypercar is mental and outrageously expensive. The Cinque Roadster is the run-out version of the Zonda supercar. Its production will be limited to just five Cinque Roadsters and five coupe versions, each costing 1.3 million Euro (£1.07m) before local taxes. The reason for this outrageous cost is not far-fetched as Zonda has gradually evolved from an already mighty supercar into a full-blown hypercar. Its 7.3-liter V12 now produces 669bhp.

It makes use of some features from the track-only R version such as a monocoque, constructed from carbon-titanium (a new material developed by Pagani, which is stronger than the regular carbon fiber), and a revised front splitter, airbox, and undertray. Let us not forget that there are customers out there willing to pay the price due to the limited production run.

What do you expect from a million-pound supercar? If not an extrovert styling, wonderful details, monumentally loud and ludicrously fast. At 1210kg (dry) the Cinque is lighter than the regular Zonda F, meaning even allowing 100kg for fluids it has power and torque to weight ratios comparable with a Bugatti Veyron. With its 7.3-liter V12 large capacity and naturally aspirated engine, you get a jet-like performance. Peak torque of 575lb-ft may arrive at 4000rpm, but from 2000rpm there’s already 516lb-ft.

The Exterior Styling
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The extrovert styling of the Cinque is such that is not hidden as the roadster featured in the front, an additional lip spoiler under the apron, which increased the downforce. On the front fenders, come air vents to extract the air trapped inside the wheel well. The Cinque also featured four transverse carbon-fiber slats. A unique detail for the car was the air intake scoop, which stood suspended above the cabin like a hook. Coming with carbon-titanium construction, Zonda sacrifices less torsional strength in the conversion to a Roadster than would be the case with conventional materials. The Roadster weighs no more than the Coupe, and certainly not a stranger with bumpy roads.

The Interior Design
The interior of a million-pound supercar has never been anything short of spectacular as the same goes for the Cinque. It featured a race-inspired interior with carbon-fiber seat-frames, trims, and door panels. Since it was still a vehicle designed for road use, Pagani installed an air-conditioning unit and a sound system on the center stack. The carmaker did not fit the unique, Alcantara-covered steering wheel with an airbag, but it installed the engine settings button on it.

Engine Performance of the Cinque
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With its 7.3-liter V12 large capacity and naturally aspirated engine, you get a jet-like performance. Peak torque of 575lb-ft may arrive at 4000rpm, but from 2000rpm there’s already 516lb-ft. Using full-throttle on the road, even in sixth gear is difficult, such as the Cinque’s lack of inertia. The performance here is such that you have to read the road, think about the conditions, and work out when and how to use the performance. This isn’t too difficult to do in the Zonda, because for all its power, the throttle modulation is excellent.

However, unlike previous road-going Zondas, the Cinque uses a six-speed single-clutch automated manual transmission, with three different modes trading shift-speed against severity. Much like the system used in the Lexus LFA, while the gearbox is dramatic, it feels outdated and occasionally clumsy next to the latest systems from Ferrari.

Zonda gets a pat on the back for having its fundamentals spot on not minding Pagani’s limited history. The steering is feelsome, the brakes’ response well-defined, and the ride compliant, even on the Cinque, which runs firmer suspension settings.

Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster – Even if you wanted to buy one, you can’t. And I’m not talking about your fiscal ability. This is because all five Cinque Roadsters are already sold. However, if you are desperate to own one of the last Zondas, Pagani is open to offers on one-off specials. Just don’t expect a bargain.


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