Matador MH2 Hydrogen Supercar; The Future Is Now


Matador MH2 Hydrogen Supercar – We could recall that Matador Group came into existence in 1905 as one of the leading automotive tire suppliers then. After decades of production and development of tires, the brand decided to take up a much bigger task as it went into a joint venture with Continental in 2007.

It did not take long as Matador went on to develop into one of Europe’s largest Tier 1 automotive parts suppliers thanks to a joint venture with Aufeer Design. Today Matador Group is channeling all of its experience into its vision of the future with the MH2 concept, which is the start of something very special from this Slovakia-based organization.

According to the Matador leadership, the MH2 is the first concept of a Slovak hydrogen car and shows how future technologies may change the automobile industry. Although not yet a fully functional prototype. The Matador MH2 does look pretty ready to see the world.

When displayed at the Slovakian Expo Pavilion in Dubai recently, enthusiasts had the opportunity of seeing what this future car looks like with its performance at the back of their minds. We can truly say that the MH2 represents a massive step forward in car design.

Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are hydrogen-powered, using alternative fuel for power. In these vehicles, the power comes from converting the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy. As a result, there are no emissions, and the FCEVs are even more sustainable than EVs.

The Exterior Styling
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The Matador MH2 appearance is certainly what will be on the news for a very long time. Its athletic body styling attracts all the attention it deserves. Its design sees the MH2 narrows at the center of the body. The supercar has a low-profile design and aerodynamic-focused components that will help it showcase its amazing performance on the road.

Its front windshield goes all the way across the body, covering the MH2 in glass so much you can see the road from the inside. Another major feat for the MH2 is the side mirrors which turned cameras. The MH2 front and tail lights are made of crystals that blink in several attractive modes.

The Interior Design
Words cannot describe the sleek, elegant, and rich interior of the MH2. This is another very important milestone for matador which we must acknowledge for the MH2 concept car. Should Matador pulls off the entire design from this concept car, we are more than convinced the MH2 will be one incredible ride. We are certainly going to get some very serious Specs that will further sell the MH2 hydrogen supercar more once it reaches the public with its timeless design.

The Powertrain
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Matador group brings forth their sensational MH2 concept car to showcase both the brand’s technical skillset and commitment to alternative fuel sources. Powering the Matador MH2 is a unique hydrogen propulsion system developed by Slovak University TUKE. Matador claims 600 horsepower (450 Kilowatts) a top speed of 155mph (250 km/h), and a 0 to 60mph time of only 3.9 seconds, all with zero emissions.

Matador MH2 Hydrogen Supercar – This impressive green drivetrain delivers competitive performance while also giving customers a zero-emissions vehicle that doesn’t rely on a charging network like an EV. In fact, with the proper infrastructure, Matador MH2 owners could fill their tanks with hydrogen just as quickly as a normal stop for gas in an internal combustion vehicle. This innovative fuel source solves many problems associated with both EVs and fossil fuel-powered vehicles.



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