Selling a used car? Here are things you must know

Selling a used car

If you have decided to sell a used car, there are some things you should bear into consideration to make the process as risk-free as possible. Nothing beats the joy of getting behind the wheel for the very first moment, particularly if it’s your own vehicle.

If you’re a new driver, though, you should wait until you’ve perfected your skills before you decide to sell used car in Kerala.

Buying a used automobile can be a fantastic investment decision because it requires less capital input and allows you to afford luxury models. However, if you overlook a few key areas, your secondhand car could become a persistent measure of danger and anxiety.

Check the list you need when you sell used cars in Kerala

Once you’ve decided to purchase a used car, keep the following points in mind:

  • Examine the vehicle’s condition

However, a used car must be in good functioning order and worth the price you are willing to spend.

Before you decide on a vehicle, take it for a road test and have it inspected by a reputable mechanic to ensure that all key systems, such as the motor, temperature control, gearbox, and wheels, are all in good working order and that the vehicle is in the condition that the vendor claims.

Perform a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle prior to delivery to see if any components are lacking or have been supplanted since the last inspection.

  • Insurance for automobiles

Examine the insured value of the car in the insurance to use as a reference point during pricing discussions. Look at the number of return bonuses in the previous 2-3 years as well. Frequent claims could suggest a high number of accidents that necessitate car maintenance and repair.

Within 14 days of receiving the car, transfer the seller’s car insurance policy into your name or purchase new coverage. In case of any accident or failure to do so may result in your claim being denied. Under the law’s presumed insurance policy transfer, only claims involving third parties are authorized.

Required documents include:

  • Evidence of car delivery to your possession
  • New RC book with proof of car sale
  • Registration papers

It’s likely that you’re being duped into a scam where you’ll eventually have to pay more than your fair part of the price. This is why it’s critical to double-check the papers before signing the contract.

The following is a checklist for paperwork:

Book of registration:

It is provided by the RTO and shows the car’s registration date. The engine and chassis details on the car should be checked against the data in the RC document. If the car that you are planning to buy has been in an accident that resulted in the chassis being changed, the updated chassis number should be noted in the RC book.

Book of tax:

This document details the tax payment status.

  • Examine the car’s maintenance history

Once you have accurate details of the car’s repairs and maintenance, you can effectively negotiate the price. This will also reveal whether you’re working with a good owner who kept his car in good condition at all times.

With a thriving used automobile industry, owning a used car makes more sense these days. There are numerous websites dedicated solely to the purchase and sale of secondhand automobiles. Thus, it is a very good idea to sell a used car in Kerala

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