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Thomas Partey Rape Allegation


Arsenal FC Thomas Partey Rape Allegation: True or False?

As suggested on Twitter, Thomas Partey, a 29-year-old Premier League player living in Barnet who was arrested after being accused of rape, is in London and has not traveled to Germany with Arsenal.

Thomas Partey, a 29-year-old football player from Barnet who was detained on Monday on rape allegations, was mentioned on Twitter along with the fact that he is now not in Germany.

The player with the international renown who is unknown is a hot issue online. Many Twitter users appear to think Thomas Partey is responsible for the tweets given his 29-year-old North London location. Whoever the player is, he will miss the 2018 World Cup as well as the rest of the current Premier League season. Before him, Mason Greenwood did the same.

Plot by English media to smear Thomas Partey’s image backfires

The attempt to discredit Black Stars midfielder Thomas Partey with rape charges by certain anonymous people in the English media backfired.

Following hazy claims that a Premier League international footballer had been detained in North London on suspicion of rape in Barney North London, the name of Arsenal player Thomas Partey was brought up.

But in a new development, confirmed reports suggest that Thomas Partey is currently with his teammates in Germany.

Thomas Partey has been seen in photos being introduced to Arsenal’s new signing Gabriel Jesus who joined the club a few days ago, an inkling that he’s not the one arrested.

Due to the fact that Partey’s age and profile matched several of the Police’s descriptions, he was mentioned by many Twitter users.

However, established that Partey is NOT the individual that was arrested.

View Photo: Thomas Partey and Gabriel Jesus at the Arsenal training facility

Chris Wheatley, who previously covered Arsenal for and is now with, confirmed that Ghanaian international Partey is in fact in Germany with Arsenal for the club’s preseason.

Thomas Partey traveled to Germany for Arsenal’s preseason trip, according to Chris Wheatley’s tweet on the subject. He is currently a member of the squad.


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