Defeat to Morocco Tear Belgium Fans Apart


Riot Erupted in the Streets of Belgium Following 2-0 Loss to Morocco

There was a fight in Brussels today as Belgium and Morocco were playing in the World Cup.

As police fired tear gas and water cannons, irate football fans flipped cars, lit scooters on fire, and tossed fireworks.

Over 100 riot police were sent to the city in response to the riots that occurred during the game, which saw Belgium lose 0-2 in Qatar.

Anger-filled spectators were seen smashing the windows of a red car and flipping it down the road while flames burned in the middle of the road in a horrific video.

Another video shows fans hurling pyrotechnics and bricks at oncoming cars as police advanced with water cannons.

Thick smoke filled the streets as police fired tear gas and football fans lit flares while raising their shields.

Was There Casualty From the Riot?

Other videos showed Moroccan fans wearing and waving flags as they ran along the street.

When police arrived, one victim had facial injuries, according to Brussels police spokeswoman Ilse Van de Keere.

The mayor of Brussels, Philippe Close, condemned the violence and urged people to avoid going to the city’s core. He asserted that he had instructed the police to make arrests.

He declared, “I strongly condemn the incidents that took place this afternoon.” “Already, the cops have used harsh measures. Therefore, I advise supporters to stay away from the center. The government is making every effort to keep the public in order.”

Police have reportedly been dispatched to the Belgian capital’s Christmas market in anticipation of further unrest.

Tensions were raised on Sunday before the game began when pyrotechnics were thrown near the Brussels-South train station.

It’s unclear what sparked the rioting or how many people were detained as a result of the violence.

Were Moroccans Attaced in Belgium

Morocco’s victory, a big upset at the World Cup in Qatar, was warmly greeted by supporters with Moroccan immigrant connections in various Belgian areas.

Approximately 500,000 of the over 11.5 million foreign-born residents of Belgium, or close to 20% of the total population, are of Moroccan heritage.

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