What to Say After Hey


What to Say After Hey

When starting a conversation, it’s important to know what to say after “hey” to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

Here are a few suggestions for how to continue the conversation after greeting someone with “hey.”

  1. Ask a question. One of the easiest ways to continue the conversation is to ask the other person a question. This could be something as simple as “How’s your day going?” or “What have you been up to?”
  2. Share something about yourself. Another way to continue the conversation is to share something about yourself. For example, you could say “I just got back from a vacation in Hawaii” or “I’m really excited about this new project I’m working on.”
  3. Comment on something in the person’s surroundings. If you’re in person, you can use your surroundings as a way to start the conversation. For example, if you’re at a party, you could say “This is a great party, who did you know here?”
  4. Show interest in something they said. If you’ve had a previous conversation with the person, you can reference something they said in the past. This can be a great way to show that you’ve been paying attention and are interested in what they have to say.
  5. Give a compliment. Giving a compliment is a great way to start a conversation. It can be something as simple as “You look great today” or “I love your outfit.”

What To Say After “Hey” — A Step-By-Step Guide To Meeting Women During The Day

I’m a confidence coach who’s had this asked numerous times, so I figured I’d write it down.

Here’s how I do it…

Statement of empathy

“I know this is a bit random, but”

“This might seem unorthodox, but”

This shows you have the emotional awareness to realise she might feel a bit uneasy about talking to some random guy on the street, and that you’re not some sociopath.

It also gives her time to tune in before you get to the point, and that point is…

Statement of intent

“I noticed you look really good today.”

“You look very nice, so I wanted to say hi”

This may seem direct, but it’s important she knows why you’re speaking to her.

Ever had someone be randomly nice to you on the street without them saying what they wanted?

It makes you suspicious, confused and creeped out, no matter how cool the person seems.

The statement of intent may be bold, but it pays off.


“You look like some sort of sports athlete training for the Olympics.”

“I assume you’re on a lunch break from your high-end corporate job.”

“It looks like you’re trying to do all your Christmas shopping in one day.”

Use her appearance to guess what type of person she is.

This is a good opportunity to exaggerate what you see, using humour to break the tension. This could spark her curiosity, causing her to ask why you made this assumption, or at least present her the opportunity to contribute to the conversation by correcting you.

It also allows you to explain what caught your attention, and why you chose her over every other girl.

“I saw you in that summer dress, and assumed you must be here for London Fashion Week.”

This is far more effective than asking questions, and expecting lengthy answers after 30 seconds of knowing you.

Stack these assumptions, until one hooks her interest and she begins to invest in the conversation.

Investment (something that makes her interested in you)

Some funny/interesting story about that helps her get to know you.

Ideally, it’s linked to something she said, but it could just as easily be something that’s on the top of your mind.

Throw in some sly DHVs (demonstrations of high value) if you like.

Here, I want to add the main message that body language, self amusement and a great vibe count for A LOT. Way more than the content you’re throwing at her here.

Anyway, the point here is that she has to realise you’re cool before going any further into the interaction.

DON’T make the hugely common mistake of asking screening questions or trying to close, because she’s not talking much and it’s awkward. Instead, just carry on with the stories about you until she opens up.

It’s important to remember that the key to starting a conversation is to be genuine and authentic. You don’t want to come across as insincere or like you’re just trying to make small talk. By using one of these suggestions, you’ll be able to continue the conversation in a natural and meaningful way.

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