How to Make Out: 10 Tips to Improve Your Make-Out Session

How to Make Out: 10 Tips to Improve Your Make-Out Session

Make outs, also known as making out or kissing passionately, are a common form of physical affection between two individuals. It typically involves kissing, touching, and caressing each other’s bodies in a sensual manner. Make outs can be a way of expressing attraction, desire, and intimacy between romantic partners, and can range from gentle and tender to intense and passionate. While make outs are often associated with young couples, people of all ages can engage in this form of physical affection. However, it’s important to remember that consent and mutual respect are key components of any physical interaction, including make outs.

How to Make Out

Making out can be a fun and enjoyable experience for both partners. Here are some general steps on how to make out:

  • Find a comfortable and private space: Choose a place where you both feel relaxed and comfortable, and where you can have some privacy. This could be a bedroom, a couch, or any other quiet and private area.
  • Build up the tension: Start with some light physical contact, such as holding hands, hugging, or kissing on the cheek. Gradually escalate the intensity and frequency of your physical contact to build up the sexual tension.
  • Lean in for the kiss: When you feel ready, lean in slowly and gently, tilting your head slightly to avoid bumping noses. Start with a soft and tender kiss, and gradually increase the intensity and passion of your kissing as you both become more comfortable.
  • Use your hands: As you kiss, use your hands to explore each other’s bodies. You can run your hands through your partner’s hair, caress their back, or touch their face. Remember to respect your partner’s boundaries and only touch them in ways that they are comfortable with.
  • Take breaks: Take breaks to catch your breath and to check in with each other. Making out can be intense, so it’s important to take breaks and communicate with your partner to make sure that you’re both comfortable and enjoying the experience.

Remember that every person and every make out session is different, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you and your partner. And always make sure to communicate clearly, respect boundaries, and get consent before engaging in any physical activity.

What is the Best Time to Make Out

The best time to make out is subjective and depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Some people prefer to make out in the evening or at night, when they have more privacy and can set the mood with dim lighting or candles. Others may enjoy making out during the day, especially if they have some free time and can spend it with their partner.

Ultimately, the best time to make out is when both you and your partner are comfortable and in the mood for it. It’s important to communicate with your partner about your preferences and find a time that works for both of you. Remember that consent is key and that it’s important to respect your partner’s boundaries and desires.

10 Tips to Improve Your Make-Out Session

  1. Take your time: Start with slow and gentle kisses and build up the passion gradually.
  2. Use your hands: Use your hands to touch and caress your partner’s body, but make sure to ask for their consent and respect their boundaries.
  3. Vary your kissing style: Mix up your kissing style by trying different techniques, such as nibbling on the lips, using your tongue, or sucking on the lips.
  4. Pay attention to your partner: Pay attention to your partner’s responses and adjust your kissing style accordingly.
  5. Communicate: Communicate with your partner to find out what they enjoy and what they don’t.
  6. Use your breath: Use your breath to enhance the experience by breathing heavily or lightly on your partner’s neck or ears.
  7. Change positions: Experiment with different kissing positions, such as standing up or lying down, to find what works best for you and your partner.
  8. Add variety: Add some variety to your make-out session by incorporating other forms of physical affection, such as cuddling or touching.
  9. Use props: Use props, such as candles or music, to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.
  10. Have fun: Remember to have fun and enjoy the experience, and don’t take it too seriously. Making out should be a fun and pleasurable activity for both partners.

Things to Avoid When Making Out

  1. Biting too hard: While some people enjoy a little bit of biting, it’s important not to go too hard, as this can be painful and cause bruising.
  2. Using too much tongue: While using your tongue can be a fun part of making out, too much can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. Remember to start slow and pay attention to your partner’s responses.
  3. Ignoring your partner’s body language: Nonverbal cues can be just as important as verbal communication during making out. Pay attention to your partner’s body language, such as pulling away or tensing up, to know if they are comfortable with what you’re doing.
  4. Being too rough: While some people enjoy a little bit of roughness, it’s important to be gentle and respectful of your partner’s boundaries. Check in with them to make sure they are comfortable with the level of intensity.
  5. Using too much saliva: Saliva is a natural part of making out, but too much can be a turn-off. Be mindful of how much saliva you’re using and try to keep it under control.
  6. Rushing: Making out is a fun and exciting experience, but it’s important not to rush things. Take your time and enjoy the moment, and remember that consent is key.
  7. Neglecting personal hygiene: Making out involves close physical contact, so it’s important to make sure you’re clean and fresh. Brush your teeth, use mouthwash, and wear clean clothes to ensure that you’re not turning your partner off with bad breath or body odor.
  8. Being distracted: Making out requires focus and attention, so it’s important not to be distracted by your phone, TV, or anything else. Give your partner your full attention and enjoy the moment together.


Making out can be a wonderful way to express intimacy and passion with your partner. By taking your time, using your hands, varying your kissing style, communicating, and experimenting with different positions and techniques, you can improve your make-out sessions and make them more enjoyable for both you and your partner. Remember to always respect each other’s boundaries and communicate clearly to ensure that both partners are comfortable and enjoying the experience. Ultimately, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the moment.

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