How Do I add milestone to my Facebook Page?

How to add milestone to your Facebook Page: Looking for a guide on how to add milestone to your Facebook page? If your answer is yes, consider it done.

Milestones, according to Facebook, are a special type of Page post that let you highlight key moments on your Page’s Timeline.

How Do I add milestone to your Facebook Page?

People use milestones to share important events that tell the story of what their Page has achieved, such as reaching 1 million Likes on Facebook.

To add a milestone to your Facebook Page, follow the simple steps below:
1. Click Offer, Event + at the top of your Page’s Timeline
2. Select Milestone
3. Add a title, location, date and details for your milestone
4. Click Save

According to Facebook Help Center, the earliest date a milestone can have is when your Page was created, unless you edit your Page’s start info.

To edit your Page start info, follow the simple steps below:
1. Click About below your Page’s cover photo
2. Click Page Info in the left column
3. Click to edit the Start Date section
4. Select a start type and date from the drop-down menus
5. Click Save Changes

As you can tell by now, the feature for adding a milestone on Facebook Pages, is not really visible by default. In fact, one of the readers of sent us a message asking how to add a milestone to their page that just hit 10,000 Likes. The Facebook User could not find the option for adding a milestone to her business page on Facebook.

It is our hope that this Belmadeng will continue to help those who may also be having difficulties figuring out how to add a milestone to their Facebook Page.

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