Muslim Singles Dating Apps

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5 Best Muslim Dating Apps to Meet Decent Muslims In the past 20 years, online dating has rapidly risen in popularity. You can quickly find your spiritual true mate using reliable Muslim dating sites! With the help of the internet, people from all over the world started to build profiles and search for their soul … Read more

Is Online Dating Haram in Islam


Is It Permissible to Date Online in Islam? The relationship is not inherently unlawful. Knowing someone and getting to know them better through internet conversation is not illegal. Fornication and adultery are forbidden in Islam, thus if your relationship calls for adultery, don’t do it or think anything else that would be considered shameful. And … Read more

Is Online Dating Immoral

Is It a Sin to Engage in Online Dating? Online dating is a concept that many Christians find challenging. How does God feel about online dating, they ponder? Does he interpret that as a lack of faith in him? Online dating: Is it sinful? What is the Bible’s position on issues like online dating? Although … Read more

Best Online Dating Sites for Single Moms


Three (3) Best Dating Sites for Single Moms So, if a single mother wants to date, what should she do? Since you can’t go to bars or ballroom dance studios as a Solo Mom, you wouldn’t be dating anyone if you had potential partners at work. Your friends suggest that you “join something.” Create a … Read more

Safety Guide in Online Dating

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How to Avoid Scam in Online Dating Although it’s not always the case, online dating is commonly misrepresented as being more practical than traditional dating strategies. The good thing is that there are millions of women online; you won’t be in a pub where there’s a chance you’ll run across 20 women. Before you can … Read more