Facebook Marketing for eCommerce | Facebook Ads for eCommerce stores | Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketing for eCommerce | Facebook Ads for eCommerce stores: Are you looking for a guide on how to use facebook ads or facebook marketplace to promote your online business? 
Here is a post that teaches everything you need to know about facebook ads for eCommerce and facebook ads for e-commerce stores.

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This post will also take a quick look at the facebook marketplace, an online free marketing platform launched by facebook to help facebook users buy and sell things within their local communities.

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Facebook Marketing for eCommerce | Facebook Ads for eCommerce stores | Facebook Marketplace
Interestingly, Facebook Ads For Ecommerce – As one aims to get the best from your ads on e-commerce, you constantly need to update yourself on some certain factors ( which we shall highlight later on) which you can utilize using Facebook, which is why using Facebook ads for e-commerce is an important skill every online promoter/ marketer understand. 
Using Facebook ads for ecommerce growth or business marketing is a very lucrative way to practice social media marketing, even beginners will get used to it. As an online promoter, regardless of the marketing channels you use, it’s never enough to keep you relaxed.
Facebook, having approximately 1.4 billion active users monthly, proves to be one of the most promising ways to promote ads for e-commerce. As a matter of fact, the return of investments using Facebook ads for e-commerce is approximately 152 %, not making good use of this advantage is not the best move as it may cause marketers and promoters to miss out on a very promising opportunity.
Reasons Why You Should using Ecommerce
One thing we can all agree on about Facebook is that the social network giant means different things to different people, nevertheless, everyone tends to benefit from Facebook, be it socially, financially, relationship-wise and so on. 
Talking about e-commerce, here are a few reasons why Facebook is the best bet when it comes to promoting and marketing on e-commerce:

1. Facebook helps you get traffic from relevant users that matters, not just accidental clicks from visitors.
2. Facebook will get you more conversions to meet the target for sales.
3. You also get to repeat sales from customers who’ve patronized in the past, strengthening the relationship between marketer and client.
There are more than three reasons why you should use Facebook ads for e-commerce, but these three points should be enough reasons for any marketer to want to give Facebook a try.
How to Create Facebook Ads for Ecommerce | Facebook Ads for Beginners
Regardless of how Facebook continually become a thing of business, this should never be your sole aim, people come on Facebook to chat, meet friends both old and new and so on, it wouldn’t be so cool to just start selling products to people who don’t really know you; you’re going to this by taking measures to earn their trust and the basic principles to apply to include the following:
Setting campaign for your brand awareness: This should be the first goal; making people connect with the brand, get to know what the product is all about and how beneficial it could be to them. Doing this helps to bring targeted customers to you, customers who are well interested in what you have to offer when your ads pop up.
Engagements: The second goal should establish a good relationship with your target customers, doing this will build an atmosphere of trust, you will then been seen as a reliable promoter, making them reliable customers in turn.
The last method to employ usually has to do with introducing the products to your already interested customers, giving them discounted advantages and also retargeting these customers with similar products, by doing these, you continue to keep these customers in your circle, keeping them updated on any valuable information that’ll prove profitable to both causes.
Facebook marketplace
The Facebook Marketplace is an online marketplace on Facebook designed to enable sellers to reach out to potential customers in their locality online, from the comfort of their homes.

Over the years, people have been connecting, advertising and buying and selling of products and services on Facebook through Facebook groups, etc.

However, recently, Facebook has decided to simplify the process with more features in one place called the Facebook Marketplace.

The recent Facebook Marketplace feature which is becoming popular by the day is built into Facebook and gives millions of users the opportunity to buy, sell and trade items and services with other people in their locality.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to:

  1. Search for items to buy
  2. Browse for-sale items by category and/or location
  3. Create item listings. You can create the images for the item using a camera function within the app, or alternatively, you can add photos from your device’s camera roll. Items are sorted according to location and category.
  4. View previous and current transactions and messages under a ‘Your Items’ section
  5. Set custom bids for items
  6. Message buyers/sellers to arrange transactions

Want to add this amazing wonderful Marketplace feature on your Facebook but don’t know how to go about it, then relax as this post is for you.

In this post, I will show you how you can access the Facebook Marketplace, add Marketplace to Facebook, and how you can sell and buy on the Facebook Marketplace.

How to Access the Facebook Marketplace
On Desktop PC

Log in to Facebook, you will find the Marketplace icon visible on the top right side of the page.

Facebook Marketing for eCommerce | Facebook Ads for eCommerce stores | Facebook Marketplace

On a Mobile app

Open the Facebook app, on the top center of the page you will find the Facebook Marketplace icon
Tap on that icon to take you to the Marketplace. If you are accessing it for the first time, you will find the screen below

Facebook Marketing for eCommerce | Facebook Ads for eCommerce stores | Facebook Marketplace

Note, the Facebook Marketplace is enabled by default. If you don’t find the Facebook market place icon, there are some causes to that.

How to Add Marketplace to Facebook
If you currently don’t have Facebook Marketplace after logging into Facebook, there are several things you can try to get it to appear.
  1. Log out of the Facebook website or app and then log in again.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app.
  3. Change your home country to one of the 50 supported by Facebook Marketplace.
  4. Use a new Facebook account daily, comment on posts, and add friends. Once Facebook detects that your account is real and not a fake one made to see products, the Marketplace functionality may be unlocked
  5. Visit the Facebook Marketplace website directly in a web browser. This can be a good backup option if the link refuses to show up on the main Facebook website and within the apps.

Note that while there exists a separate Facebook app and Messenger app, there is no separate Marketplace app, as the marketplace app is in the main Facebook app.

How To Sell Something On Facebook Marketplace
Before you begin to sell on Facebook, you should understand that Facebook has certain rules that guide the operation of the Marketplace. 
I’ll advise you to acquaint yourself with the Facebook Marketplace rules, so you don’t get this feature disabled by Facebook for violating their policy.

  1. On the buy/sell platform home screen tap the Sell button
  2. Add a photo of your product from CameraRoll or snap it on the spot.
  3. Name your item, provide a description and set the price tag.
  4. Hit the Post button and your product is live!
  5. How To Buy Items On Facebook Marketplace
  6. Find a product that you want to purchase and open its listing.
  7. Very Seller Information and see if the user has a good standing.
  8. Read all the details about the sale and use the Message Seller in case something isn’t clear or you need more info about the item.
  9. Tap Make Offer and let the seller know how much you are willing to pay for the product.
  10. Wait for feedback and close the deal.
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