Facebook Store – How Do I Add Store to Facebook Page

How to Add Store to Facebook Page – Looking for a guide on how to add store to Facebook page? Here is a post that proffers an answer to the question: how do I add a store to Facebook page?
This post will be outlining everything you need to know about adding a Facebook store to your Facebook page.

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A Facebook user once asked, ‘why can’t I just set up a Facebook store without having to have a page’?

Facebook Store - How Do I Add Store to Facebook Page

Well without a facebook page you cannot set up a facebook store. The facebook store feature is integrated with the facebook page.

What I mean is this. Without the facebook page you cannot get access to the facebook store feature.

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If you haven’t used this feature before now, know this the facebook age is a very important component in setting up your facebook store. If you do not have a facebook page for your business do well to create or set up one.

What Is a Facebook Store?
The facebook store is a feature on facebook. Most facebook users will understand this. With this facebook feature you get to sell your products directly to facebook users on the facebook platform without having to leave facebook.

Since its launch this very feature has witnessed tremendous growth.

The platform has lots of benefits that’s why it’s growing every day. Like for one, setting up the facebook store is free. It is easy to understand. You do not need any form of expertise to be able to use the platform.

Also, you do not get to set up any separate facebook account to set up a facebook store.

Another added bonus is that your products get exposure on a global scale and locally also. Since the store is on facebook you get access to lots of potential customers and clients across the globe.

What to Sell On the Facebook Stores
You can sell just about anything you want on the facebook stores. Jewelry, cars, clothes, kitchen equipment’s, furniture’s and so much more can be sold on Facebook stores.

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But not everything can be sold on the platform. anything that goes against the facebook community standards will not be allowed on facebook stores and these includes weapons, X-rated items and so much more as long as it goes against the facebook community standards.

How to Add a Facebook Store to Your Facebook
is easy, but only if you know how to. To add a facebook store to your facebook page follow the steps below;

1. you will find an add section tab under your facebook page cover photo, click on it
2. Select the ‘add a shop’ tab on the next page.
3. Set up your shop details on the next page.
4. set up your payment options and methods
5. Start adding products to your store.
6. Set up your shipping details and methods.
7. Finish your shop settings.
8. Lastly, manage your store orders and click on finish.

That is it on Facebook Store – How Do I Add Store to Facebook Page. 

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