Filmora Pro Price and Review

Filmora Pro Price and Review

Professional video editing doesn’t have to be challenging. This notion appears to be at the heart of Filmora Pro, a new video editing program from Wondershare Technology, the company that brought you the Filmora Video Editor. We’ll look more closely at Filmora Pro in this review.

Although Filmora’s normal video editing package is already strong, Filmora Pro will offer more tools and features that give creatives more power for limitless possibilities and improved productivity.

YouTubers, filmmakers, and anyone who feel they have outgrown the free Filmora Video Editor, which is already extremely well-liked by YouTubers and novice video editors, are the target demographic for Filmora Pro.

Due to the fact that the most recent version of Filmora’s normal editing software now includes many of the Pro edition’s features, Filmora Pro has been discontinued. View current price.

Features of Filmora Pro

Countless Tracks

A track limit of 100 is available in Filmora 9, the most recent version. As a result, you only have 100 tracks available for adding various content elements to your video editing, which might not be enough for more complicated projects.

You can add as many tracks as you’d like to your video with Filmora Pro in order to produce a work of art. You are striving to keep the limit, so you don’t need to be cautious. Your creative potential is unlocked by using Filmora Pro.

Timeline Clips grouped

Users of Filmora Pro can tag clips. You can group clips on your timeline using this simple function so that you can change one clip and apply it to all clips with the same label.

By combining all the clips under a single label and editing once, you can avoid having to individually apply the identical edits to each clip, which can speed up the editing process.

Utilize only audio or video.

You can choose in Filmora Pro whether a clip should only contain audio or video. Of course, using the standard Filmora video editing tool would get the same results, but it will be more time-consuming and ineffective.

In the standard version of Filmora, you can either set the volume to zero or overlay another video clip over the unwanted one if you don’t want the audio.

With Filmora Pro, the situation is handled more tactfully; by selecting Use Audio or Use Video, the unwanted component will be eliminated.

Dedicated Color Correction

With the extensive color modification features in Filmora Pro, you may add more vibrancy to your movie. You have access to highlights, midtones, and shadow settings, as well as color wheels and scopes. Auto correction is another tool you may use to polish videos.

The more sophisticated features in Filmora Pro include keyframing for motion graphics, which allows for original text and image animations as well as Hollywood-style visual effects.


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