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How Can You Tell a Scammer on Facebook Dating?

Scammers on dating websites are particularly difficult to identify because they are skilled at manipulating people. However, we’ll discuss how users of dating platforms should safeguard themselves.

In the US alone, 24,000 victims lost $1 billion to romance scams in 2017, and it’s probable that many more incidents went unreported. Dating platforms and their users are both negatively impacted by these scams. One successful romance scam can steal millions from customers, which for some users can spell financial ruin and heartbreak. Meanwhile, failing to thwart con artists can cause serious reputational damage for dating services.

How romantic frauds operate
Scammers pose as potential romantic partners on dating websites to entice their victims. They fabricate online personas by employing made-up identities or information taken from actual persons.

“Because you can claim to be anyone you want online, this kind of crime is made simple. You may victimize anyone from anywhere in the world, according to the FBI.

How Online Dating Scammers Operate:

  • The con artist contacts the victim via social media or a dating website.
  • They establish a rapport that seems reliable.
  • The con artist solicits money from their online partner while claiming to have an emergency.

Before the fraudster first requests money, they may have courted the victim online for more than six months since they need to reduce their defenses. However, this is the very thing that makes these scams so successful.

Romance fraudsters frequently surround themselves with proxies who take the form of business colleagues, attorneys, or medical professionals. A well-known con artist from the Tinder Swindler, for instance, had a complete cast of fictitious people working for him, including a wife, child, business partner, and bodyguard. Sometimes an entire gang of organized crooks may come together and pose as a single person looking for love.

Dating con artists frequently prey on gullible people in society. For instance, targets frequently include older ladies who are divorced or widowed.

How do you spot a romance scammer?

Scammers who target lovers are masters of social engineering. By appealing to their victims’ emotions and building relatable online personas, they trick their victims.

There are various warning signs of a romance scammer, according to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

  • Inconsistencies in profiles. Scammers’ profiles may contain contradictions, such as when they claim to be from Canada but actually write in very poor English.
  • brief confessions of love. Even after just a few conversations, romance con artists make their declarations of love pretty rapidly. They use sweet phrases to the victim, such as “you are my angel,” and they might even start talking about getting married and having children.
  • Money demands. Once they have the victim’s trust, they will beg for money to cover an unexpected emergency, such as an illness, a sick family member, funeral expenses, company issues, etc. If the victim doesn’t immediately provide money, their messages get increasingly frantic and their kind words turn into threats.
  • wonderful tales It’s usual for scammers to have “mad business rivals that wish to kill them” since their lives frequently resemble soap operas.
  • living overseas. In order to avoid seeing their victims in person, con artists frequently state that they are working or traveling abroad.
  • not keeping your word. Scammers always have an explanation for why they can’t see their victim in person, why they need more cash, or why they won’t be able to return the money.
  • enhancing the privacy of discussions. Sometimes con artists advise switching to a more private conversation rather than the dating site to avoid being noticed by moderators.
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