How to generate an idea for an essay about social media influence

Generating ideas for essays is among the most challenging quests in prewriting. While papers are often doable tasks, many students face tremendous difficulties writing assignments about social media influence, and that is for a reason. The problem is that social media is such a vast topic that many people have no clue what to write about, let alone generate crucial ideas.

It often makes students turn to academic gurus that provide custom college essays allowing them to better understand the subject and write a well-structured, impeccable paper in the long run.

Do you feel like falling into the same trap of unknowing what to do? Worry not, as this article will provide you with all the ins and outs of an essay about social media influence and how to write one quickly and effectively.

What is an essay about social media influence?

So, with all that said, what’s this essay? A paper on social media influence touches on a particular topic and delves deeper into social media and its impact on that same area. The author may be asked to analyze social media influence, compare it with, say, other kinds of media, or assess the success of social media in a specific subject matter.

That’s why it’s essential to learn the requirements beforehand to be fully aware of what to write about.

Essential components of a top-notch paper on social media effect

Please keep in mind that the structure of your assigned essay entirely hinges on the requirements provided by your educator. The instructor can ask you to include sections standard papers don’t have. Keep that in mind and get familiar with the instructions in advance.

An essay typically includes three pivotal elements: an introduction, body, and conclusion. Let’s look at them together.


Assuming your paper follows a standard structure, an introduction should be your first section. The paragraph is usually broken down into three sub-sections, which are:

  • Opening: Also known as a hook, it’s the first sentence that aims to spark readers’ attention. You are highly encouraged to use social media-related quotes, statements, or statistics to raise people’s enthusiasm.
  • Background: Background info follows the opening, with its role being to provide some knowledge and prepare the reader for the essay.
  • Thesis: A thesis statement entails the most critical points your essay about social media influence will develop.


The following paragraphs fall under the body section. Usually, they comprise:

  • Topic sentence: This element picks the point from the thesis and prepares the ground for advancing it.
  • Evidence and explanation: Evidence is provided to boost the paper’s credibility, while the proof is required to confirm the author’s competence.
  • Conclusion and transition: The conclusion sums up the paragraph and creates a bridge to make the reading flow high.


Likewise, the final paragraph carries three components. Here they are:

  • Thesis reiteration: This one re-emphasizes the thesis to remind the audience of the most critical issues raised within the essay.
  • Key points: Another crucial element that walks through the issues and explains their significance.
  • Strong closing and CTA: The last part provides a solid ending to impress the reader and ask them to take action (e.g., keep exploring the field, run a discussion, and so on).

What platform are you going to analyze and why?

Now that you’ve seen a sketch of a properly-formatted essay, your job is to think of the topic. As mentioned earlier, social media is a vast field. You can, of course, write about social media as a collected term, but it would be best to whittle the field down a bit, especially if you are writing a two-page essay.

Fortunately, there is an abundance of platforms you can stick to when analyzing social media influence. Choose one and move to trends, speaking of which.

Pick several trends or issues to be examined as a social media influence

The number of trends depends on how many pages your paper should have. The more the essay’s volume, the more trends or issues you need to include and develop. As a rule of thumb, make sure to have one trend per one body section. In this case, a two-page essay would have three described trends.

Look at these notions and learn their ins and outs

To generate thought-provoking ideas, you need to ensure your knowledge of the area suffices. The best way to do that is through research. Reach authoritative sources and improve your understanding of social media.

Read various studies and articles and ascertain they are related to your interest field. These sources will allow you to back up your arguments and make your thoughts credible.

Start generating thoughts to include in a paper

After you enrich your knowledge by reading authoritative works, you need to brainstorm ideas. Following this order will help you focus on the area you’ve previously decided on analyzing and generate thoughts entirely pertinent to it.

You are free to use any of the available brainstorming techniques that you find best suited. For instance, don’t hesitate to try listing, mind mapping, or freewriting when thinking of an idea for your social media influence essay.

Pick the most robust ideas and kick-start a writing session

Once you come up with concepts, it’s time for the writing process to kick off. Begin with the thesis statement creation to put your ideas in the correct order. After that, it’s up to you whether to go back and start with an opening, proceed to write a body section or even complete the conclusion first.

Importantly, try to compose the first draft as soon as possible. Having a sketch in front of you will help polish your work, review ideas, and ensure every paragraph corresponds with the thesis.

Final thoughts on writing an essay about social media influence

An essay on social media influence will undoubtedly require detailed research and analysis. Above all else, you need to develop mind-bending ideas the entire paper will revolve around. Hopefully, the provided tips will empower you and help you craft an outstanding piece promptly.

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