How to Identify Fake Airpods

Take Caution When Buying Apple Airpods to Avoid Fakes

Apple revealed the $249 AirPods Pro, which have active noise cancellation. The first two generations of AirPods were a big success, and many are also praising the Pro version. The general fit and sound quality, as well as the noise-canceling functions, were all favorable.

We’ll examine APods Pro, one of the first FAKE AirPods Pros available, in more detail today. It will be tough to distinguish between this and the actual thing because they are so similar to the AirPods Pro. Don’t worry; we’ll highlight a few tiny differences to make it easier for you to tell them apart.

The APods Pro Case resembles the original AirPods Pro Case almost exactly.

The general release of the AirPods Pro has been going on for slightly over a week. In spite of this, the APods Pro has been able to perfectly reproduce the fit and pop-up notification of the original Pro model’s earbuds and case!

The AirPods Pro case is just like the original AirPods Pro case, to start. In general, it’s challenging to distinguish between the fakes and the Apple case, despite the latter being slightly more polished. Underneath are the identical USB-C port as the first-generation Apple AirPods Pro. The words “Designed By Apple In California” may be found on the rear of the original AirPods Pro case.

You are erroneous if you think that once the case is filed, it will be simpler to tell them apart. The APods Pro earphones look similar to the first-generation Apple Pro headphones. However, there are a few subtle differences that set them apart.

The two cavities that house the two earphones are somewhat different when you open the APods Pro case, for instance. Compared to the imitation case, which features oval cavities, the real AirPods Pro have rounder cavities. Furthermore, the authentic AirPods Pro case can open to around 120 degrees, whilst the fake ones can only open to 90 degrees.

The APods Pro Earbuds resemble the original AirPods Pro even more.

It was a pleasant surprise that the APods Pro were able to replicate the iPhone pop-up notification that appeared when the original AirPods were inserted into the device. It seems to be very similar to the genuine thing!

The head and steam of the imitation AirPods Pro are made to seem as similar to the real AirPods Pro as possible when you pull them out. The imitation earbuds are lighter than the genuine ones, but they successfully copy Apple’s aesthetic. It will be challenging to distinguish between this copy and the real thing.

There are two differences between them, though. The nozzles are also slightly different, as are the bottom charging connectors. The nozzle on the real AirPods Pro is black, whereas the nozzle on the knockoff is white.

The APods Pro, however, are extremely similar to the original Apple earphones in terms of fit.

The sound quality of APods Pro is HORRIBLE.

Given the number of similarities, you might have expected the APods Pro to at least have acceptable sound quality.

The APods Pro sound terrible, just like other counterfeit or imitation Apple products on the market. There is little bass and the sound quality is awful. Just in case you were wondering, there is no active noise cancellation. It appears that they spent so much time copying the design that they were unable to afford to install a high-quality set of sound drivers.

Therefore, refrain from purchasing the APods Pro due of its audio quality.

The APods Pro has low latency and a strong Bluetooth connection, which is a plus. So using these headphones to play games shouldn’t be a problem.

APods Pro Is Cheap!

At $54, the APods Pro is a bargain. We can’t recommend the APods Pro unless you’re searching for something that’s 100% identical to the original AirPods Pro.

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