Make Hotmail – How To Create A Hotmail Address 2020

How To Create A Hotmail Address: Do you want to create a Hotmail address? If yes, here is a concise and straight to the point tutorial on how to create hotmail account fast and easily. Continue reading below:
Make Hotmail - How To Create A Hotmail Address 2020
How to Create a Hotmail Address. Creating a Hotmail address is very easy as it only requires you to create a Hotmail email account and your Hotmail address will be included successfully. A Hotmail address can be gotten when an account is opened successfully, and in this content today, we will be guiding you on how you can get a Hotmail address by creating an account on Hotmail. Before the guides on how to create an account are stated, I’ll be explaining what Hotmail really is.
Why You Need an Hotmail Address
Hotmail is one of the most popular emailing services all around the world. It is owned by Microsoft and it is one of the several services Microsoft offers that has been of great benefit to the world. With Hotmail, every user can communicate with anyone they wish to all around the world. Users are allowed to send, receive and read messages from here. They are also allowed to communicate via photos and so many more.
Why is Hotmail One of the Best Email Service
This service is one of the best as it includes so many wonderful features since the change that was made in the year 2013. Changing Hotmail to was a great idea as since then it has become a productive and a very organized emailing service. Hotmail ( includes a free inbox which allows you to keep and maintain it the way you like it. It also contains a calendar event and files. 
To get a Hotmail address just as I said before, you just have to create an account and to do that you are to follow the steps stated below correctly so as to get an accurate result.
Create a Hotmail Address
Go to
Click on the create account option just at the top right side of the page
Create an email address and enter it in
Create a password. You are to create a password you only can remember
Enter your first and last name
Type in your mobile number
Enter your region
Enter your date of birth
A verification code will be sent to you via text message or call. Enter it in the field box given
Click on next
Follow the rest instructions given
And your account will be created successfully.
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